my voice the laxitive

So there must be some big cop thing at the capital today.  I saw about a
billion cops riding and walking around there.  I thought about going and
seeing if they were giving out donuts, but it was kind of windy.  I
applyed for a GIS exam at fish and game that i wont get because i havent
had statistics.  Every state exam for GIS has the lame statisitics
requirement in it because the position was made in the 80s.  It doesnt
matter if you know computers of GIS, just weather youve had stats or not.
I figure i'll try and sneak into the fish and game exam by saying my GIS
class covered stats methods.

So tomorrow my birthday and i have no idea what going to go on.  Bill is
in traffic school all day, so he'll be around in the evening.  Tonight is
the prebirthday night where we'll go out eating and drinkin'.  Tomorrow is
birthday night proper.  Sunday is the post birthday day.  Usually my birth
days are ok.  Last year was pizza and pipes and the year before was the
flame club.  I just cant wait to get the present lisa bought for me.  i
think it might be starcraft for the macintosh, because thats all i said i

Last night bill and lisa and i went over to jephs for a BBQ.  Its was
pretty good.  Jeph cooked up some pork loin and we drank beer and shot the
BB gun at cans.  Bill and i (mainly me) would also shot meat at the
little mop dog that was on the other side of the fence and kept yapping.
The bill learned me how to pick locks and make keys for locks and we
watched 7th heaven which jeph had taped on monday.  7th heaven had a
monkey in it.

the end