So todays been unexciting

This morning the cat, burgie, had a piece of poo stuck to the fur on her
butt and kept wiping her butt on the floor trying to get rid of the poo.
So basically it made the worst mess.  There were cat poo smears every
where and it smelled to bad i was about to gag.  Lisa had to hold the cat
and i had to wipe the cats ass and grab the dingleberry with a paper
towel.  The cat hated this a lot was was screaming bloody murder.  I had
to ripe the digleberry out with some fur which the cat did not like.  Then
lysol had to be sprayed every where and poo smears had to be wiped up
(which lisa did most of).  Man, it was a terrible start to the day.

i only have three weeks left after tomorrow.  I decided that i hate work
now because i know im jsut going to be leaving soon.  It just doesnt make
me want to do anything productive.  No one here has any good leads on a
new job so far because all the people they know are state agencies which
make you have to take a test in order to get hired.  So now i'll have to
look into the private sector where it doesnt take half a year to fill a

So my birthday is in two days.  I'll be old enough to rent a car.  The
last birthday that really means anything til i become a senior citizen (if
that happens).  16 you get to drive, 18 you can buy smokes and porn, 21
you can buy booze and handguns, 25 you can rent a car and ride with
someone who has a learners permit.  I remember always thinking 'what will
it be like, and what will i be like when 2000 comes along'.  And now i
know (unless i die or things change a lot prior to y2k).  I'd rather have
a tv then a thousand books, id rather have a car than a bike, id rather
play video games then listen to a record, i'd rather have a gun and a
donut instead of a guitar and dinner at a fancy resteraunt.  

ahh, i got a piece of my finger nail stuck in my thoart and its making me
cough.  I need to eat, im starving/bored.
atleast tomorrows friday.