Long weekend report may, 5

Friday: Ate taco bell and watched TV, that all i remember, got the runns.

Saturday:  Went to little joe for breakfast with joel and others.  Ate
steak and eggs and then went to a couple thrift stores.  Got a stereo
video disc player for ten bucks.  Later had 4 eyes practice and relearned
all the songs.  We hadnt practiced in like 2 years, but we sounded about
the same as always.  We practiced til 5:30 (jay had to go to work) and
then joel and dillon and i went to my place when lisa practiced with the
bananas.  I showed joel my d and d comptuer game and he was unimpressed.
He was into the guns i had and we played with them.  He wanted to go and
shoot them.  We them played some turok 2.  Later we went back and waited
for jay toget off of work and at like ten i dropped lisa off and we
practiced at the loft til after 1 on the morning.  I was really tired.

Sunday:  Sat around all day, in the late afternoon went to jays house and
got ready for the show.  Joel built the joke machine.  Jay and i made a
tape cover at my house.  We sat around and waited til it was time for the
show.  I had cheetos and beer for dinner at the show.  We got to the show
and slummber party played.  Ed was drunk and would tell stories into the
mic and no one could figure out what he was talking about. Later the
bananas played.  After them we set up and played forever.  We played a
bunch of songs and did jokes with the joke machine and joel pulled endless
ping pong balls out of his mouth.  Then at the end we played 'saltshaker'
which went on for like 30 minutes.  I packed up after a while and let joel
and jay continue.  finally after midnight they stopped.

Monday:  got up at 8 and got readdy for shooting.  Like 6 people had
wanted to go shooting and i was worried there wouldnt be enough room.  But
it turned out to be just joel, dave smith and me.  We stopped at jack in
the box for breakfast and i got frenchtoast sticks and cold bacon.  Then
we got out to the range around 10:30 and had lots off fun shooting.  Most
of the time we were the only people out there.  At first when we got there
it was really windy and freezing.  I hurt my thumb by shooting the ground
with my single shot shotgun and having the break down switch hit my thumb.
I have dont htis before and will probably do it again.  We went through
like 125 shotgun shells, shooting skeet.  It was the best when joel used
the sears pump action, dave used the goose gun and i use the single shot
and threw (i actually hit one, which was amazing).  We didnt end up
hitting many.  We could have shot a lot more skeet if we would have had
the shells and time.  I shot john woo style with a pistol in each hand
blazing away.  The casings from the gun in my left hand would hit the
finger on my right hand so i had to shoot one sideways and cross my arms.
I ended up hitting the ground about ten meters in front of me alot.  Joel
had a great time and wants to go again soon.
We got back to sacto around 1:30 and lisa and i packed up and took off for
santa cruz.  We dropped dave off at bills and they said they were going to
go to santa cruz to see us play.  We then dropped joel off at jays and
left town.  Got tot santa cruz a little before 5 and hung out at my
parents house til 7.  We meet the rest of the guys at gene and barbs
(joels mom and step dad) house.  We then went to UCSC to play at the
stevenson hall rec room.  Before the show i played floos ball but couldnt
beat dillon, even with Hod helping me.  The show was broadcasted live on
the radio from the UCSC college station, KZSC.  We played and people we
into it and it was fun.  We then went and met at ferrels donuts and played
pinball and at donuts and went home at midnight.

Tuesday:  Left santa cruz before noon.  Stopped in millebrea and ate lunch
at Lyons.  Went to brisbane and say some of the seal movie, andre.  Got
home (sacto) around 9:30.  Found out that of the four shows we tried to
video tape, only one got taped.  We got the simpsons but missed, x files,
futurama, buffy the vampire slayer and we missed half of felicity.
It was apretty fun weekend and im not glad to be back at work and i have a
ton of Ar15 lists to read.

the end