I hate when i cant remember

on the way to work this morn, i was going down I st and about to get to
12th street.  There was an old guy who was starting to cross the street
right when the light had turned red.  He get a fell steps out and then
looks and sees cars coming at him.  Then he just starts running across two
lanes and then when he gets to the sidewalk hes still running but getting
wobbly.  So he makes it a couple yards and then falls flat on his front.
Some people cross the other way come up and ask him if he's ok and he says
yes and takes off again.  He seemed kind of crazy.  It seems like it might
have been funny but it wasnt, it was kind of sad to see and old man fall
down.  it would have been much funnier if it was a teenager with baggie
pants who fell on his face.

So joel danger (of 4 eyes fame) is coming up tonight on greyhound.  Hes
excitited about going shooting.  I guess he goes to gun stores sometimes
and looks at guns for fun.  So it will be fun for me to show off al my
arsenal to him.  I guess he wants a shotgun.  So everyone should go to the
show sunday at the loft around 7.  If you're tired of hearing me say this
than too bad.  I could be talking about the dugeons and dragons game i
made with Perl (btw.  if anyone out there has unix perl and wants to play
this fun game email me and i'll email it too you, how many werebears can
you kill, elf?).

Man, my email just died, i almost thought i lost this page so far.

So i have my 4 day weekend coming up and im happy.  i only have to last 4
more hours then i get to change seismographs and then head to the capital
and got home.  Also i get paid today.  This will probably be the first
month where i dont pay off my credit card and get charged intreset.  it
because its about maxed out with guns, ammo and a wedding ring.  I need to
get a new job soon because im too spolled to live poorly again.

the one this worse than working is looking for work.

thats all for now, folks
see you next wednesday