walking home

i always thing of good stuff to write when im walking home from work.
Yesterday when i was crossing 16th st at j st, there was gridlock traffic
(people blocking the intersection as always) so i just walk around in the
cars because if i dont, i'll never get across, its them that are breaking
the law anyways.  So im going around the front of one car and the car
starts moving slowly and then jerks to a stop.  And when i get to the
other side of the street, the guy in the passenger seat of the car yells
"fuckin geek." I glance over and see a big black bald guy starring at me.
I wasnt scared because there was a cop about a block up who had pulled
over someone.  I was just mad that this guy wanted to fight me.  It just
really gets to me when im doing the right thing (according to the law) and
someone else pulls an illegal move and trys to shift the blame on me.
When the guy yelled at me i should have acted like i didnt hear him and
yell "what?".  I have 19/20 hindsight all the time.  If i was packin then
i would have been braver.  Nothing gives you the false sence of power more
than a weapon (besides beer).  I just walked home and imagined what i'd do
if the guy chased me home.  I could just run in and come out with a
shotgun, handgun and/or the AK.  Then i could call him names and he'd run
away and i would always worry about him coming back when i wasnt home and
messing my stuff up.  Sometimes (like 90% of the time) i just hate people.

I dont even know why it bugs me anymore.  Its happened so many times,
getting called geek, nerd, fag, or gay.  I always like when someone just
yells 'gay' because it doewsnt really make since.  Most guys are so afaird
of someone thinking their a fag its like a really bad insult to them.  If
you ever want a fight just go into a bar and call some guy queer.  Unless
you're in the wrong kind of place (like faces) you have a good chance of
getting in a fight.  Ive never done this, its just a guess.  I guess my
work look is too normal looking now.  It seems that if you look weird
enough people leave you alone because they figure you're packing and/or on
druggs.  Maybe it just seems like you're more likely to do something

So i got a 4 day weekend coming up and im excitied
more tomorrow