Still in ratings week

check out my new home page at the rosie mcdonald site 
i put it up round noon on wednesday, see how long it lasts.
I know buy putting that page up im forever going to get rosie junkmail.

So the dates are set:  Four eyes and bananas and maybe slummber party at
the Loft on sunday may 2 around 7 pm
Four eyes at UCSC on monday night
Wedding date is set at 9-18-99

and there wont be any daily takes next monday and tuesday because i took
the days off.  Unless someone want to email a daily take and then i might
post it.

So futurama was good last night.  The new episode of Buffy the vampire
slayer got delayed because of the kids kill kids thing.  If someone i knew
got killed in a school fight and didnt get all that attention those kids
got, i'd be pissed.  I might even go on a rampage and play rampage 2 all

ten minutes to system shut down

ive dont a lot of these pages, its amazing how much stuff i spew out that
doesnt make any sence.

After the system shut down i'll cme back and tell the stories of some four
eyes songs like "bat attack, ben casey, larry lester plus no more" It wont
be exciting, but thazt doesnt seem to ever stop you from reading, eh?

Bat attack-  bat attack was a super hero i came up with.  Its Lamars (from
revenge of the nerds, the gay black guy) atler ego.  Hes like a giant bat
that fights sand castles, i guess.

Larry Lester- "lasrry lester, your the best sir, got you buns taped
together by a wrestler.."  Song about the guy that emillio from breakfast
club got introuble for use of duct tape.

Ben Casey - It was supposed to be ben murphy, who was played by someone
casey in this MST3K movie where he has a watch that turns him invisible
and he fights crime, but i forgot and go tthe names mixed up.  In the
movie he goes under cover as a trucker and his handle is "lazy rider" 
"watch me fight, ben casey, i'll turn inviisible so you cant watch me

ok thats enuff for now.