Guns and bombs in schools

I just figured i'd put that as a title so people searching in the internet
would find this page.  Its like ratings weekend on the internet and i need
to be number one.  My sponcers are biting at my butt, they need more
exposure. Ok, im bored of this lie now.

So heres the big news, boys and girls.  The four eyes are playing two
shows for only the people who come and see us.  Its the great sacto-the
cruz tour.  Two days only.  First show of the tour is at the Loft in
sacramento on Sunday the 2nd of May (this sunday).  The line up is The
Four Eyes, Bananas, Slummber Party all at 7 o'clock sharp.  Its bigger
than bi-mon-sci-fi-con.  There will be costume changes and the return of
the joke mkmachine.

the last show of the tour will be in Santa Cruz at the UCSC hippy campass.
There maybe a smoke machine for this show.  So everyone should come to the
shows.  If you thought we sucked before, we're going to suck a lot worse
this time.  I havent picked up a bass in a couple years.  But who cares
about the music, it was never about the music is was just about putting
other people down.

yeah so i'll keep you updated on the tour status.  So the new buffy the
vampire slayer may not be shown tonight because it contains sences of high
school kids killing kids or something.  Gawrsh, get over it, i mean 15
isnt really that high of a death toll.  I think i'd want more kills than
that if i went nutso (the killing type of nutso).  I mean, i'd want a
minimum of like 50 before i offed myself.  When i was a little kid i used
to think a good way of going out would be to pack my rascal/lark full of
explosives and blow myself up in a mcdonalds.  I mean i never liked th
people in mcdonalds that i got stuck in line waiting with.  

I guess it would be bad for the people dying since they probably dont want
to die.  But, what would i care, i'd be gone.


the end