Weekend report apilr 26, 1999

Friday:  Lisa and i ended up watching about an hour of Private parts
(howard stern movie) before going to bills where he and jeph were waiting
for us.  They were watching boyz in the hood so we ended up watching the
rest of it.  Bill and i wanted to go to hometown buffet, but that didnt
happen.  Jesse and Lisa (a different lisa) came over and they had already
ate.  So bill ordered pizzas and we ate pizza and drank beer.  Dave and
jeremy came from oakland and ate pizza and got more beer.  We watched
grosse point blank.  jermey was playing with his motocycle thats very
loud.  lisa and i left after most the other people left.

Saturday:  steve showed up around noon and we went to the gun show at cal
expo.  not as many dealers as last time.  This is that last gun show there
til the end of october.  I got a 30rnd colt ar15 magazine, a army style
belt, a pilot face mask that i tryed to get dave smith to buy before and
he wouldnt (5 bucks), i spent my last 3 bucks on some 22 ammo.  I couldnt
find any rubber 25 bullets for jeremy.  I also gave steve 40 bucks so he
could buy a couple magazine since i owed him money for buying me 7.62x39 
ammo.  We got back around 3 and decided to go fishin at lake Amador.  We
tried to get bill (who said he would go and bought a licence) but he had
to go to some dumb picnic.  So we went and it ended up costing like 8
bucks each to fish and park there.  Lisa and i never caught anything and
steve only caught a small sunfish that he threw back.  We got back to
sacto around 9 and stopped at willie for hamburgers and went home to eat.
We watched some of road rules and then a HBO doceumtary on strippers.
After that there was a documentary called "private dicks" and it was about
guys weiners.  It was pretty funny because they interview naked guys who
were freaks.

Sunday:  We got u pat 8 to go fishing at rancho seco.  Couldnt talk bill
into going (he had to study).  So we get to rancho seco and its over cast
and cold and we dont see any fish.  We try for like an hour and then give
up.  We stopp at the PAWS animal sanctuaty on the way back and see some
emus and antelops.  This lady tells us about how people auction off
animals.  I guess they have a taxidermist there so you can buy an animal
and have it killed and stuffed asap (at the auction not sanctuary).  She
tells us about a lady in mighigan (i guess some states have no rules about
inporting animals) who would take care of organ grinder monkeys that no
one wanted.  I guess when the lady got old people came in and found like a
100 monkeys and some where dead.  She also told how at the PAWS place in
galt they have lions and bears that people in other states bought when
they were cubs to have as pets.  Then we left rancho seco.  Steve wanted
to go to a fishin store around watt and el camino so we figured we'd stop
at taco bell for lunch.  The we decided to eat at hometown buffet instead
(bills punishment for flaking on us).  So we ate and felt sick.  They had
a tub of bacon that you could eat.  Then we found the fishin store but it
was closed so we went home then to bills and then lisa and i went home and
took a nap.  woke up and watched simpsons, road rules, x files.  Then i
saw some of an hbo doc on tar heroine in san francisco, then went to bed
the end