Lets hope this works and doesnt get deleted

I found out (in my head) that it was the govts fault for riuning my
webpages yesterday.  I guess they didnt like me telling the people (all
four of you) the truth about gun control and nutty kids.  Now the govt is
trying to 'cool my jets' by turning the air conditioning on my cube at
work.  Low temp = low spirits.  But i found a way to strike back, by
wearing a long sleeve shirt.  ha ha, im the king now!

So lisa and i watched Great Expectations on HBO last night.  It was pretty
sucky and nothing like the really sucky book.  It wasnt as good as the
Drol production of great expextations with joel and dror (dr + ol = drol).
which had great parts like "i wish i were a frog, or and eel!' and no one
can forget 'whats your name boy?  pppppip, sssir.  You know what wittles
is?  ffffood sir."  A movie that is probably forever lost.  Someone broke
into joels storage unit and stoll the camcorder and its tapes that had
hours of movies that took days to make.  Someday they'll pay, ohh yes.

Other movies that were stolen were ones like '100% fight" which was a
bunch of one on one fights with no plot, just anouncing like 'thor vs a
nerd'.  And there was 'marvel super heros the movie'  which had fights
like 'frankenstien vs spiderman, galatus vs the thing, kraven the hunter
vs wolverine'  Luckily I have a copy of that movie on tape.  The
last claymation that joel and i worked on also was lost.  It was pretty
bad, i remember it had ray stevens sing the streak and streak across the
screen, he then lost his arms to the naked teli sevalas (kojak) baby who
said "who loves, teli baby?" and wolverine came out of someone ones (ray
stevens) weiner.  Thats about all i remember, it never even had the chance
to get a audio track.  RIP teli baby.

So im looking forward to the big gun show tomorrow, im not sure why.  I
guess maybe because guns have been pooed on pretty hard in the news
recently and this is my way of showing the pieces of metal and plastic
(not the tupperware glocks, tho) that i suport them.  I also like to look
at the big bullets likes the ones used in the Krags (spanish american war
rifles).  The best deals on ammo is also at gun shows.  Its better now
because i can name off more of the black rifles than before and can look
for stuff to put on my Ar or AK.

Two weeks from tomorrow is my 25 birthday.  Man i'll be old (except
compared to many of you, he he).  I know that people dont like anything
more than being insulted by somehting they're reading on the internet.  Im
actually looking more forward to getting paid next friday.  i have a
really big credit card payment to make.  I may even not pay it all off
this month so maybe they'll raise my limit (id kind of like to be able to
spend more than 800 bucks eventually).  Man the govt has turned the cold
up even more, im freezen and have jennifer anison style nipples (a comment
only lisa and bill will understand).  Last night on HBO i missed 'female
perverssians' im guessing its an action movie about guns, but i wasnt
sure, tell me if you say it.

im getting too bored and too stupid for my own good, good bye, i gotta go
eat a bagel dog, oi va!