Atleast its not my fault (i hope)

SO now ive heard almost everything is being blamed for the trench coat
kids going and shooting other kids in colorado.  I first heard the martix,
then guns, then tv and video games, then role playing games (D&D and
battletech), basically everyhting (besides sports) that a kid may do for
fun.  Why dont people just blame the kids that do this?  The way i see it
is that there are so many people being made and getting messed up all the
time that a lot of people are, just by random chance, bound to go nutso.
Then its just another random chance that makes them act on their thought
and kill people.  its not anyones fault really.  people just go nuts and
people die for no reason.  There are somethings that there should be no
blame for.  No one want to take responsisbilty for their own actions
anymore, so when things go wrong people get sued.  If i were to take a gun
and shoot someone, would that be the guns fault? tv? video games? the
internet? no, it would be my fault.  If there are people dumb enough to
kill people because of movies or video games, then maybe there should be a
way to weed them out (the whole natural selection thing).
	Also how many times have high school football jacks got into drunk
driving accidents where they kill someone.  No one ever blames it on
football or the car.  If we had 'smart cars' that would have collision
control then we wouldnt have any drunk driving accidents anymore.  Theyre
trying to do the same thing with gun, make 'smart guns' that only the
person buying them can shoot (by using technology that doesnt really
excist yet).  After they have only smart guns, one of the smart guns
owners will go nutso and then they'll have to ban all guns.
	Why does the president get to go and bomb lots of innocent people
in Yugo?  Whouldnt they make 'smart bombs' that...wait a minute they do
make smart bimbs, i guess they arent that smart really.  Ok i dont know
what im talking about no more.

Heres a quote from a limey paper telling us that the US is dumb:

   "Another outcome of a gun culture in a supposedly civilised nation that
   cannot come to grips with the violence in its midst and has rich and
   powerful lobbyists like the National Rifle Association. It insists on
   cleaving to a Bill of Rights that contained the right to bear arms,
   passed in 1791, soon after the defeat of the British, and at a time
   when a well-regulated militia was considered necessary to the security
   of the state.
   Mr Clinton has shown concern about school violence and even ordered a
   study. He has taken a hard line in support of a waiting period for gun
   buyers so that the FBI and police can conduct a background check. So
   far it has not been enough to stem the bloodshed."
by a bunch of british homos