The gay jeweler

So once i figured out what kind of engagement ring lisa wanted (marquie
cut) and how much she expected me to spend (more than any gun i bought) i
headed out to jewelery stores.  Going to jewelery store was pretty bad.  I
htought i could just go and find a ring i wanted and say ' i'll take that
one and be gone' but it did work that way.  First every things is really
expensive and you cant see the prices on things that might be cheap.  Also
diamonds have four variable that effect the price and look:  carat,
clarity, cut and color.  If one or more is really low, the stone is cheap.
And you can tell by just looking at it, you have to see the rock under a
microscope.  So eventually i decided i would have to talk to a jewelery
store clerk somewhere so i picked the ben bridges in the downtown plaza
(near work, i could go there easily).  So it turned out that my jeweler
which happened to be the first person to help me in the store was a gay
guy named stevie.  Im not sure he's gay (in the fact that he never said
'im a homo' or grabbed my butt in a non-sports environment) but he'd be
pretty flaming if he was straight.  He had a thumb ring and the top of his
hair was bleeched (like dave smiths) and he wore weird matching snappy
clothes and he had a lisp and the gay guestures.  

So i talked to him and he didnt have a rock in my price range in but he
showed me other ones to compare the color and clarity and said he'd order
one from a list.  So i said ok i'll be back in a week (which was when he
said the rock would get in) well i went back in a week and he wasnt there
and no one knew about the order so they said come back in a couple days.
So i went back and he was there, turned out that the rock he had ordered
for me to look at was from an old price list and was gone so he ordered
two more rocks for a newer list for me to look at.  i came back a week or
so later and he had one of them in.  it was a pretty good rock but the
oither one that was coming the next week was a little bigger and better
clarity for about 70 bucks more.  So i waited a week and then saw that
rock and got it.  So basically i had no idea when i would have to pay.  So
they said some back in like half a week and we'll get in a mounting (the
gold ring part) and told me i'd pay for it then.  So i said ok and came
back then figuring i'd be able to pick up the ring then.  But they still
had to put it all together and that took like a week but i had paid for
the ring (mostly on charge card with a couple hundred in cash, i have a
student limit still on my visa).  So finally after about a month, i got
the ring.  I was so paranoid about losing it or getting mugged on the way
the way home that i kept checking my jacket pocket to make sure the box
was there.  all i can say about buying the ring was that it was a pain.
here are the stats of the rock incase anyone cares:
.28 carats, E color, VS1 clarity, marquie cut

So if anyone need a good jeweler goto the ben bridges in the downtown mall
and ask for stevie, then you can see what im talking about.

if you dont give a dang about homo jewelers or diamonds and thought there
would be more at the end of this comlun, too bad.  
so there
the end