Weekend report

Friday - saturday went to brisbane (lisas folks)
saturday night got Snake Eyes on pay-pre0view (we got a 99 cent coupon),
not too good of a movie, thought it would be better.  We wait for steve to
get there (got in around 1am).

Sunday: got up at 8 to go fishin.  Steve took lisa and i to a place around
stockon on the delta.  There were too many boats and water skiers and we
didnt get anything so we decided to go to Rancho Seco cooling pond rec
center.  I took us a while to get there but we stopped at a garage sale
and I got a Oddessy 300 for 5 bucks.  Its an pong type video game from
1976 that was in the box and still had all the parts and manual.  Then we
went and found a spot at rancho seco and fished.  It was pretty good
because we each caught atleast one fish.  I caught a sun fish, lisa caught
a bass and steve caught a sun fish and two bass.  We only keep the two
sunfish and one bass that steve got that was about a tenth of an inch over
a foot.  It was neat because the water is really clear so you can see the
fish following the bait.  I think we're going back next sunday.
So we went back and steve cut up the fish.  I played with the bass's head
for a while, but the cats didnt seem impressed.  We cooked up the fish and
lisa and i went and got corn and lemon cake and halibut (the caught fish
was small and boney) and we fixed rice.  Talked bill into coming over and
feed him and we watched half of sniper and then the simpsons and xfiles.
We told bill and steve mar that Lisa and I had got engaged and bill kept
asking questions.  Bill left at the start of the xfiles and like 10
minutes later dave smith called saying that bill told him somehting
exciting happened with lisa and I.  He thought that we'd either wrecked a
car or got married.  I told him that we'd got engaged last monday when we
were in Tahoe and he was surprized that we'd kept it a secret for a week.
lisa had worn her engagement ring around last thursday but no one noticed.
So now everyone know (atleast everyone reading this).  We're getting
married in late september or early october.  Tomorrow i'll tell about my
gay jeweler.