The newest deal

So this page has been to non-fun and boring and serious lately (well not
really).  So now it wil be fun.  It will be like reading about going to a
party where there is pure fun.  Actually it will just be me making fun of
friends and enemies abd talking about tv.  Soo different people sill think
they're at the wrong URL.

So there was a wrestler (WWF) that was called IRS (irwin r schister).  He
wore a suit with tie and carried a briefcase and was evil.  He';d always
get dragged by the tie or have his tie get stepped on.  The audience would
chant 'iiirrrwwwinnn' in that daryl strawberry sort of way and he'd get
all mad and try and shut them up, permently.  His finishing move was
called the write-off.  I htink it was basically some variation of a fire
mans carry slam (get someone in a firemans carry, not to comfussed with
vietnam style carry, then fall back wards so their back hits the ground
first.).  He eventually left, but not before leaving his mark in all out
hearts.  You can read about him at your local wrestling library.

So now im going to try and learn perl (if im not dumb) so you'd better all
watch out or else i'll make some really dumb CGI pages that.

wow, i just got a crazy phone call asking me about invoice numbers and
contract delagations.  Its like she was tlaking a different language.  So
now i have to go up and see what its all about...
Turned out it was all a mistake, she was looking for someone else.  I was
worried that i had signed something that i shouldnt have.  It was like she
was talking russian too me.  I was like 'wait, start from the begining, i
dont follow, ok whats that, ok whats that, whats an invoice form?, for
what?'  it was pretty dumb

here's a good picture i came across:

"I'm calling my boyfriend to see if he'll go to Faces with me!"