The 1999 peep off (april 10, 1999)

I know there are many stories about this day, i will put what i remember
and later add other peoples stories to the end.

Lis aand i went over and got dave smith and drove out to the salvation
army on auburn and madison (i was looking for a reported videodisc
sighting).  Dave took forever picking out a promish dress.  He ended up
getting one that couldnt zip up in the back, but was short and only like 6
bucks.  He then bought a halter top that was shiney gold seaquens at a
different thrift shop (where a boy at the counter asked, 'is that a skirt'
and dave said 'i wish, its a halter top so i can cover my boobs in public
and not get arested' which made the girl at the counter confussed and took
forever to figure out 50% of 5 bucks).

So then we went back to bill and got bill and drove to lisa and my place.
I used pink string to fix the back of daves dress and lisa made a peep
corsage.  Then bill drove us the two blocks over to the peep off where we
unloaded the peeps.  A bunch of people were there and lurch and de ann had
brought 600 peeps and taped "peeps 99" on the front of their car.  So
there ended up being like 2000 peeps.  A lot of people were drinking and
waiting for the peep off the start the previous record holder wasnt there
and wasnt coming.  One guy there, denis said he could eat 75.  The
previous record was 62.  So at 2:10 the peep off started, by 2:25 denis
had ate 63 peeps and broken the record.  Here are the results that i

1 - denis - 80 peeps
2 - Jay baker - 40 peeps
3 - vicki - 30 peeps
4 - me and ed hunter tied at 20 peeps
6 - steve mar (i think) - less then 20 but atleast 15 peeps
6.66 - dave smith ate 18 peeps so he may be above steve
7 - gina (daves sister) - 8 peeps
8 - Dave downie and his japanese friend shared a peep
thats all i can remember

Bill is worth mentioning because he ate a bucnh and then started heaving
but couldnt throw them up for a while and then ate more and puked in the
gutter and on him self.  Then he'd eat more peeps and throw up more and it
kept going.  he'd puke and then stuff more in his mouth and puke more.

So less than 150 peeps from the 2000 were used in the contest so lots of
peeps were left.  So eventually there was a peep war and the peeple on the
sidwalk walk and the peeple on the porch exchanged fire and it got messy.
Lisa sat in peeps and had a sticky butt so were went home so she could
change and when were got back the mess was cleaned up.  I hit a really bad
sugar low and was ready to sleep.  It was cured by beer and a hot dog,
tho.  Everyone eventually ended up at bills house (even bobby burns, the
old insane guy).  Brad had cooked up pickle soup which i guess pickled and
didnt taste good after a while.  There was lots of beer and digital cable.
Bobby burns like the soup (he thought steve mar made it) and claimed a
seat on bills love seat.  i made the mistake of sitting htere and he made
me move.  So tristan and i kept making fun of bobby burns making people
move and we would tell people to sit there and not give up the seat, but
bobby burns always would make them move, even if he hadnt been there in
like a half an hour.  Around ten people headed to the legion, lisa and i
were there for a few minutes and then went home and crashed.  i guess
there are a lot of other stories like almost-chick fights (and dave smith
wasnt one of them) and drunk talk.  But thats all i'll say here, im sure i
forgot stuff so eamil it to me and i'll add it on here: