Friday:  Lisa and i went to bills.  Dave was there, we then went to
blockbuster and rented pecker, and went to burger king and dave bought
bill 10 big kings (he said he would if bill would go to the peep off).
Then we went to Target to buy peeps.  The peeps were only 24 cents for a
package of 15, so dave spent around 16 bucks and got 1005 peeps, a whole
cart load of them.  Security came by when he was loading up the cart and
asked if he was going to buy all those and he said yes and she said
'you'll make your self sick".  And then some guy who was buying a training
bra for his daughter was in line behind bill and dave and was telling his
daughter she should eat all the peeps and then was helping bill load the
peeps onto the target convayor belt.  We then loaded them in bills car
went back to bills and ate big kings, drank beer and watched pecker which
was a good movie (not too good, but funny).  Bill also bought a rodney
dangerfield two tape set at blockbuster for 5 bucks.  The tapes were of a
rodney variety show from the 80s and had bill murrey.  they were pretty

Saturday - Peepoff.

Sunday - Shootin' and fishin' at spenceville.  Steve came by at around 10
and we got read (we being lisa and i) to go fishing and shooting.  So we
went by the bank and then went and got hooks, bait and fishing licenses.
The ran through burger king (i had a big king friday, saturday and sunday)
and went by great guns to get ammo for daves FAl that i was borrowing.  So
we got to spenceville around 1 i think, decided to try Duck Pond#1 for
fishin' so we parked and walked through some cows and foudn that duck pond
1 was a muddy hole used for cattle water, we fished anyways and caught
nothing.  So we went back to the truck and headed to the gun range and
shot up a bunch of peeps with the MAK90, AR15 and FAL.  Then we stopped at
Camp Far West resorvoir on the way out and climbed through some barwire
and tryed to fish.  It was pretty windy and the wind kept blowing the
bobbers back to shore.  So we gave up and headed home, I guess we're going
to go fishing i nthe stockton delta next sunday and hopefully catch
something.  But all in all it was fun and i shoot a bunch of stuff.

Monday - Lisa and i called in sick and went to kings beach in tahoe and
went across to nevada and gambled nickels, ate lunch and played 'flip it"
(that game where the quater shoots up and you want it to knock down other
quarters).  It was neat up there because there was snow on the beach.  We
got back around 5 and ate dinner at Tower Cafe.  There was the really loud
woman that kept laughing terribly behind me, so it was annoying.  The food
was good tho.  I got my cheapo 40 rnd Ar15 magazine in the mail so now i
can make the AR look cool and i got the Recurve bow that i won on ebay in
the mail.  So basically it was a good day (even if i didnt get to shoot my