PeepOff and PeepComing dance tomorrow

Go and try to win, you have a chance this year.  Dave Smith also said that
he'll by Bill Lonsdale (the winner of the NRA mug) 10 big kings if bill
shows up at the peep off tomorrow.

So, its supposed to be raining this weekend, which really sucks.  I was
hoping on going fishing and/or shooting on sunday at spenceville.  Why
does the weather man hate me?  Why is it still raining (mainly on
weekends) still into april?  This is Cali-4-n-i-a.  Life supposed to be
fun.  I actaully want to do outdoor stuff, but the weatherman keeps
cursing me.  he came up with this plan where he says its going to rain on
the weekend, so if i cancel my plans it wont rain but if i dont cancel my
plans it does rain.  Boy, thats a dirty trick.

So dave and bill made lisa and i come over last night to rate the first
(and possibly last) 3 Norm shows.  The winning rank was 3-1-2.  All in all
it was pretty bad, about the same as every other sitcom show on at a 9:30
time slot.

So i guess they maybe a four eyes show coming up.  Jay left a message
saying May 3 on my answering machine.  I hope that days wrong since May 3
is a monday and i have work that day and the day after.  So for now im
figuring he means may 1 which is a saturday (try out the power of positive
thinking).  Boy, will that show suck.  I havent played bass in a year or
so.  Ive been putting all my effort into my new band, The Friends Girls.
So we'll see what happens.

So i got bored of doing nothing at work yesterday.  I made an auger out of
a wood pencil with the eraser riped out and drilling a hole into a Made in
Canaidia eraser.  i got like 85% thru when the metal part on the pencil
started free spinning, i then had to move to a pen which broke right after
i made the spin.  So now i have an eraser with a neat hole in it.  I
thoguht someone snagged it this morning because i couldnt find it, turned
out that i had put it in my book as a bookmarker.  I was all freaked out
that someone took an eraser.

So i got bored enough and went and got a book from the library about C
programming.  Its from 1990 so its not too up to date.  Seems to work tho,
so now when im bored i can learn C instead of looking at nevada maps or
leaning back with my feet on the desk.

over and out