Man, the network is still sucking eggs here

it takes me like ten trys to send a 5 line email.  I can even do my real
work well because the network is all slow and choppy.  I bet its a Y2K
thing.  Now the robots are going to get pissed and come and get me.

So the peep off is this saturday at one ish.  Oh boy, fun and fun.  I
heard that there was a chance of rain, hopefully it wont rain.  Sunday im
hoping to go fishin and shootin with lisa and steve mar out a spenceville,
that would be fun.  Hopefully it wont rain any this weekend.  If it does
its Y2Ks fault..  Saw 'the ice storm' its a movcie with a bucnh of people
in it.  It has hte fANATASTIC fOUR in it some.  Man, this choppy network
is really pissing me off.  Its taken me forever just to get this far.

screw it, someone send me a story and i'll add it on here.

added story:

From: someone who doesnt want to be known right now
Subject: Story

Okay children, here's a bedtime story to help you get to sleep:

There won't be any major elections in the US in the year 2000. By
November of next year, Clinton will have declated a state of emergency
and all law enforcement authority will fall under the auspices of FEMA.
FEMA will be able to seize all privately-owned firearms and other
assets, draft civilians into "work groups" and the US constitution will
be suspended. These measures are enforceable through a frightening
series of executive orders signed off on without Congressional or public
support and date back to the mid-nineteen forties. Martial law will be
enforced by NATO/United Nations troops, many of whom are currently
stationed on bases on US soil. In fact, at least two military bases are
now under German ownership. US military personnel have been asked to
voluntarily trade in their uniforms for UN uniforms and have been polled
as to whether they'd take orders from UN commanders and if they'd fire
on US civilian citizens if so ordered. Any military person unwilling to
wear a UN uniform and take orders from UN command will be discharged.
Same goes for any soldier unwilling to fire on dissident civilians.
Unable to find US soldiers in sufficuent number, the UN has imported as
many as three million foreign troops who are currently training on
US soil. These foreign troops are here primarily because they won't have
so many qualms about shooting US citizens.

Son't worry, though, children, if you don't like it, there are hundreds
of detention centers throughout the country that are being readied for
you. Fear not, thety're not camps ala Dauchau USA. At least in these
camps, you get a prison-made mattress. Many prisons are being run by
Russians and Austrailians, who will then be guards at said concentration
camps. You might see evidence of these camps in remote parts of the US,
usually marked by signs saying "Endangered Species Habitat-Keep Out.
Tresspassers May Be Shot."

I pledge allegience to the Rockefeller Family
The Rhodes Foundation and
The Trilateral Commission and
The World Trade Organization and
The Council On Foreign Relations and
The One World Government

Who needs the constitution?
Who needs national sovreignty?
Why ask why?

"Dwayne Hoover"