Sorry its late, my network connection has been pooping out like the runns

Friday:  Went to the Cruz (Santa cruz).  Nothing exciting.

Saturday:  Ate breakfast at the Whales Tail.  Lisa and i went and saw the
Matrix (free pass 

from my sister).  It was better than i thought it would be.  It had good
parts where Keanu 

was dressed in black shooting two guns looking badass.  I never thought
'hey, these effects 

look bad, so they must not have been that bad.  After that we went to
logos and i got a 

Vandals CD (Peace thru vandalism and when in rome) for 6.5 bucks.  Then it
started to pour 

and we went to another record store where lisa got a pixies CD
(bossanova).  Later went back 

to my parents.  Then went to Carpos to eat dinner.  Lisa and i then met my
sister at the 

theater and got to see Mod Squad for free.  It sucked bad.  THe script was
terrible.  Man 

that was a bad movie.

Sunday: Easter, ate some candy.  Got some fishing reels and weights from
my dad, so we can go fishing with steve mar.  We learned to cast the lines
in the yard, it was fun, the cat (wormy) would chase around the fishing
weights.  We ate really good skirt steak at my aunts.  then we headed back
to sacto.  Lisa had to use a restroom bad around san jose when we got
stuck in traffic caused by and accident (didnt see any dead bodies).
Stopped at a Burger King for the restroom.  I forgot that there was a
stone planter in front of the car, and when we left i ran into it and got
my front wheel stuck.  I had to floor it in reverse to get out.  Didnt
seem to do any damamge luckily.  Couldnt have been too good for the car.
Then it took for ever to get back to sacto because the traffic was pretty

All in all a pretty unexciting weekend
i know theres stuff im forgeting but i'm in a hurry.

bye gotta write todays daily take