On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Dave Smith wrote:

> Okay, everyone knows that the Peep is the word.  
> Here's the scoop: 
> Peep-Off Numero Three
> Saturday, April 10
> 2216 F, across from Lucky's
> If you ain't from Sacramento, that's F Street, between 22nd & 23rd.
> (That's the house of Amy Paris and Victoria Portugee)
> Running from 1 until 1:30 pm, this is the most half-assed Peep Off
> ever.  It's your chance to see how many damned Peeps you can eat in 30
> minutes of self-abuse (no, not that kind -- you're swallowing 'em). 
> Other fun important stuff: 
> * Amy says she'll provide the house, one box of Peeps and 12 cans of
>   Pabst. 
> * I dunno how many Peeps there'll be at Lucky's, so stock up before
>   hand. 
> * I'd say start gathering around noon o' clock (that's 12, baby). 
> * This year's prize is a date with Jason Patrone (I'll supply the
>   Night Train, you supply the loving). 
> * Amy said she's gonna host the 1st Annual Peepcoming at her place
>   after the Peep Off.  Come for the Peeps, stay for the Peeps, die
>   with the Peeps. 
> And of course, as always, if you want off this damn list, let me know
> and I'll yank you away from the horrors of the Peeps.
> Any questions?

Ok, now that thats done

So lisa and i watched some of the Last Action Hero last night.  Its pretty
bad, the end gets a little better but its already been too bad for too
long (2.24 hours) that you dont care.  It makes fun of dumb action movies
but just takes it too far.  It would be like taking the funniest 20
minutes from each Police Academy movie and putting it all together.  It
would be too much funny stuff with no unfunny stuff, so the funny stuff
wouldnt seem that funny.  Its like that budda guy said (not the cat
anti-hair ball supliment budda) 'with out suffering that can not be any
police acadnemy movies" or something like that.  So you need lots of down
time for the up time to seem good.  Its like people complaining about
being bored.  If you were never bored you wouldnt know wehn you were
having fun.

And remember to always do your homework before desert, kids.

"So, i asked him, if i was walking down the street with a guy, what would
you do?  He said he'd throw me to the ground and ask me what i was doing."

Im just babbling.  Lisa and i take off for the Cruz (aka Santa Cruz)
tongiht arounf 6:30.  We're might try and see the Matrix for free.  Its
opening night so its all be crowded with hippies smoking their bowls and
pot.  When we saw Slingblade there were a couple bummy guys in the theater
drinking (they were already drunk), one guy kept yelling at the movie
saying he was going to 'kill that faggit' when jack tripper was on the
screen.  I wasnt to kick him in the head, other people in the theater were
yelling at him.  I wonder if its legal to shut someone up liek that by
blowing their brains out if you have a CCW?  Ditruping the peace is
probably illegal, or something.  I should have went and got my sister (who
may have been working) and told her to yell at him, that way if he was
rude to a young girl people would beat him up (probably not me, i was
watching the movie).  Wait, whats going on here?