Holden, christo pike and jerry van dyke in coach the movie

Man, its boring here today.  I got an atlas of nevada so im looking at
nevada in my non-emailing time.  I still have a couple hours before these
computers shut up and let me look at results.  These danged fake
earthquakes take so much longer than the real thing.  I think i'll suggest
to the people that make the software to make the picture of the map look
like its shaking, that way people would like the product better.  They
wont listen to me tho, no important believes me.  Most people think im
still in school and still ask how my classes are.  I just give them snotty
remarks like "i graduated like a year ago" or "stick it up/down your
hole".  I usually use the first one.  maybe i should go find my nemisis
and try to get him to hit me.  I just hate seeing him, just knowing that
he's my nemisis (for no good reason, lots of little bad reasons) is enough
to bother me.  One idiot who is now in moss landing, thought that my
nemisis and i were the same person.  But that guy was also like 40 and
talked about dancing naked at the burning man thing in the desert, an
image that made many ill.  As i think about it, i hate a lot of people for
no good reason except to hate them.  If anyone ever called me on it i
would not be able to defend my self.  In high school i would pick out
people i hated just for the fun if it.  We all had nemisi, ive just had

I remember one nemisis who name was somehting like jason west.  He was a
year younger than me and i was in 8th grade.  We were in the same GATE
(gifted and talented education) class.  Id make fun of him, zack would say
that his mom put his head in a milk carton when he was small so his skull
formed like a square pattern (i dont know if this was true).  On a trip to
Strawberry (up by tahoe in the snow) i remember i was walking behind him
and i took a snow ball and stuffed it down the back of his shirt.  I
laughed, he got that old cryey mad face and punched me in the mouth.  He
was too weak and was weearing gloves so it didnt hurt, so i just
complained that he got dirt in my mouth.  Then he turned around and i
field goal kicked him in the butt, enough to make him look like he was
jumping.  Then the teacher yelled at us, or something.

Another nemisis (i think he was my nemisis) was Josh nagal ( you may
remembber him by "nagal my bagel").  We was a year younger (i know how to
pick my nemisis so they can beat me up) and i was in high school (i think
he was a nemisis all though high school).  I just remember he had bad
acne and scars and was kind of a dumpy wanna be jocko guy.  I wrote a
piece for the school paper about how Color Me Badd sucked and the same
people who like them are the people who stuff loads and loads of paper in
the tolets.  He wrote in a nasty letter saying i had sex with farm animals
and said that music reviewers should put no opinions in the review.  So
joel wrote back saying that if they did sll the reviews would be "this a a
record by Mustard Boy called India Ice, it has 11 songs on it"  I dont
remember ever getting physical with him in a non-sexual way though.

In middle schoo and high school we were kind of like the nerds that would
pick on the nerds that didnt have more than one friend.  We'd play AD&D
and make fun of those playing D&D (even though it is better in some ways).
I just wish i would have been into computers in high school so i could
have a real job now.  I remember that joel or someone just picked out a
nemisis once and the nemisis never knew he was a nemisis to someone else.
We'd just like say "watch out you nemisis is behind you" or "there goes
your nemisis, rust monster!"

Man, i was dumb