We're here, we're queer, we dont want anymore bears

So Futurama on sunday was pretty good.  I liked it atleast.  Im behind
schedule here, usually i do the daily take around 11:45 to 12:15 when
everyone is gone.  Dave smith came down and we went to the crappy pawn
shops at lunch time so i missed out on doing the daily take then.  Dave
want to find out how pawn shops make money, they never seem to sell
anything (because all the crap costs way more than its worth).  I thought
they might get lucky and rip off people on old jewelry sometimes.

I dotn really ahve much to talk about today.  Yesterday i didnt watch much
tv, except for celebrity jeporty.  It had mimi from drew carey and dave
foley from kids in the hall and that new news radio and it had the gay
guy from veronicas closet.  I like the celerty matches because the
questions are easier because the stars are dumber than more of the geeks
they have on there.  Dave came over and i made ham omletes and lisa me and
him played sequence.  Its a board/card game.  lisa won.  

heres a link to look at if you want to know why peter gabrial hates people
and does  mean things.
I have nothing to say right now, so you'll have to read someother nuts
ramblings for now.