When does it come out?

Im refering to, of course, the movie Super Mario Brothers 2.  The first
one bascally forced a sequel at the end when the princess comes back from
the alternate dinosuar dimention saying that she needed mario and luigis

  Heres a trivia quiestion:

Who played the fungus king in the movie Super Mario Bros?
First correct answer wins something not-exciting (like a 4 eyes record).
And lisa cant answer because she was the won who figured it out before me.

Over the weekend i saw the best movie ever.  Death Race 2000.  I cant
believe i havent seen this movie before.  Its great, with frankenstien and
machine gun joe (sly stallone) and metilda the hun with herman the german.
They have to race these funny cars across the US and get points for
killing people along the way.  Roger Corman really got a good film here.
See it if you havent.

Also lisa and i watched The next karate kid.  Which i had seen tiwce in
the theater when it came out.  It has the girl karate kid and Ironside is
the evil guy who fight pat morita (ironside was the guy in star ship
troupers with the metal hand).  I also saw Gattaca which wasnt the worst
but not really too good.  In the whole movie they never chanted "gattaca,
gattaca, gattaca" like they did in attica.

Also saw like 15 minutes of a soft core porno called "sexperiment" and asw
some of one called "petticoat planet" where a guy lands on a planet with
only women and its like an old west town (only saw the very end of it).
There was some Dudikokk submarine movie (crash dive or somehting) that
lisa watched some of while doing a puzzle, i was in the other room fixing
my 22lr semi auto tube feed savage rifle.

On saturday Lisa and i drove up to Jenkens Lake, around pollock pines to
scout out a possible shooting area.  It took about an hour and 15 minutes
to get to the national forest place.  I\There was a sign that said where
you cant shoot (around people and lakes) but i guess you can shoot any
where else.  Its being logged out so there are dirt roads and tractors.
There was still some snow on the side of the road.  We stopped at
mcdonalds in placervile on the way back and got the furby happy meals.
Then we went to toys r US and got Boggle, Sequence and a cheetah puzzle
(1K peices).  I won at boggle and 3 out of 4 games at sequence.  I dont
know who will win the puzzle.  I cant find the last edge piece.

Got my AK47/AKM poster in the mail on friday.  It was in a tube and the
tube had been crushed in the middle so the poster was wrinkly.  Those
postal workers, they just love to ruin posters.

Steve and dave went to the desert with the tims.  I guess they want to go
again soon (i hope soon).  Im looking forward to going.  I guess there are
houses that you can stay in and sleep o nthe wood floors.