The planes are attacking at 11 AM the last friday of every month!

So elton john was on letterman last night talking about how he thinks
Roberto Benigini sucks.  Well i got news for you johny "you are the worst,
i would cresent kick you in the face if i could you stupid enfield burying
limey!! Your non-talent shows when for a hit song you just take an
excisting song and change the lyrchs to reflect something current and
re-release it, sir pin-balls wizard!!! Id like to tie an english rose to
my boot and kick it up your ass, dicko!!!"  Thats what i'd say, or in a
way already said.  No one can understand how much i hate the song "benny
and the jets" its like a cerebrial bore that gets into my head and makes
my life blood squirt out like jam through my nose, mouth and/or ears (as
maybe eyes).  Just the part where he starts whining "benny, benny, benny
and the jets" in that high girl-voice.  Ewwwww, im all mad now.  

on a not much lighter note.  I got my soviet AK47/AKM poster in the mail
yesterday, and of course the poster tube got bent, so there's a big
wrinkle through out the poster, oh well.  I currently have it replacing my
alf poster.  I need a place with a work shop where i can put up my dumb
posters that lisa hates like my alf posters.

So i have to watch Deathe Race 2000 before sunday.  I guess that not
exciting, but i wrote it already so its too late.  So friends last night
was pretty funny, its was new season rerun, i laughed a lot at it,
probably as much as i have laughed at friends before (which is a lot
actually).  The scarey thing is that when i used to watch two episodes of
friends a day, i would have dreams that the friends people were my real
friends, taht i would hang out with them and go on their crazy adventure,
i would also have these dreams when sleeping.  Unfortiantly i have never
had any grace un fire dreams, i bet bill has had golden girls and charles
in charge dreams before.

hey, its noon time.  

Im preparing to take the state persenal board internet exam for SSA (
ithink its like staff services adventurer).  Im glad its not Super Speller
Awarder, then i couldnt take the test.  If you want to see my answers try
this  link. i dont know what will happen.

bye now