Daily take what?

The pictures of dave smith doing something bad (mentioned in earlier daily
take) were of him with his butt on a mcdonalds window (as im sure most of
you know already).

So now we're at war with that other country (i'll call it yugo, because
its easier and i dont know what im talking about).  The russians and
chinese dont like that we're attacking yugo.  So they'll probably start
shipping weapons to the yugos and then the US will bomb the shipping line
in russian territory and then the russians will start fighting us.  Then
it will be the Day After all over again.  Maybe the first nuke will hit

Ahh, probably wont happen, nothing that exciting ever happens.  Instead
will all stay home and the California govt will pass SB23 which makes all
assult weapon rifles illegal.  Im just pissy because im not going to the
desert to shoot and camp this weekend.  Also im here at work wanting to
put some software onto this laptop, but i need to get an admin type guy to
come down and use his password (non-admin people arent allowed to do
anything with the computers except use them 99.9% of the time) so i can
put the new software on the computer.  He said '5 minutes' but that was
and hour and 20 minutes ago.  So basically i have nothing to do but wait.

Went to blockbuster and rented pleasentville and DeathRace 2000 yesterday
day.  Pleasentville was ok, it was as good as i thought it would be.  Just
black and white people turning into color after doing it or doing
themselves.  Havent watched deathrace 2000 yet, but it was free and i have
wanted to see it for a while.  It used to be referenced in mystery science
theater 3000 a lot.

Nohting excitings on tonight, except a new ER.  Lisas all into er now and
watches the reruns instead of jeperaty.  My old saclink account is gone
now, so a bunch of messages from list-procs are bouncing around somewhere
out there.

im too bored