A day of new beginings

well not really.  Dave smith got his FAL baby killing gun.  It took about
a half an hour before we broke someting on it. It was just that rear sight
was rusty so it doesnt lock into place like it should.  Dave soaked it in
wd40 over night to see if that would fix it.  I got a bayonet for my czech
vz-24 for 14 bucks.  Now i have a sharp knife on the end of one of my

I see on the news that they are/did start bombing yugoslavia.  i take
offense to this because i am one 4th yugo.  First the US killed a bunch of
my yugo relatives by sticking them in an unsafe coal mine and now the UN
is bombing my 1/4 homeland?  Actually i dont care, i dont even know whats
going on.

Last night lisa and i watched a gay riot grrl indie movie.  It was about a
15 year old girl in new york.  She had lesbian tendancies but her friend
(who was a skanky thin blond) liked men.  So the straight friend winds up
with a drug dealing, abusive, gay-man-murder boyfriend and she gets strung
out on drugs.  the main girl, Clod, goes to a lesbian club to see some
grrl band play and meets a pink haired teenage riot grrl lesbian.  Later
on they make out.  There also is a gay guy who looks like a  young, gay,
iggy pop who gets killed.  And it has Ricci from My So Called life who is
gay in this movie.  Basically everyone in this movie was gay or evil (the
evil women smoked cigerettes).  It was an indie film so basically it took
a long time for nothing to happen.  After that was fake porn show with a
husband and wife detective team who had to go and find the stolen buddy
holly guitar.  The band that stole it was the Sugar girls (fake spice
girls).  The one that looked like emma (baby spice) was called blond
sugar.  They told her to tell how the guitar was found stolen.  She told
them that she went  to change he clothes and then she striped and started
getting sexy with her self.  Thats when i went to bed, i just couldnt
follow the plot anymore.

i hope there are good movie on cinimax tongiht.  Party of five isnt on
because the movie the mask is on.  And dawsons creek is probably a rerun.
I hope there are more riot grrl movies on tongiht.

thats all for now