Weekend report (oh boy)

Friday: watched LA confidential, conspiracy theory and murder at 1600.
Then fell asleep.

Saturday:  lisa and i went and got cheap running shoes.  our plan is to
start running or jogging around mckinley park to loose weight.  We ate
lunch at gehnigus kahn kitchen.  Its a new place on howe.  its buffet with
mongolian BBQ and sushi and chinese food.  Some good food, pretty
expensive. (man the siesmograph keeps buggin out because thers been a
bunch of earthquakes around holister, biggest was 4.1, not too big). 
That night we got dave smith and drove to redding to see los huevos's last
show.  It took like 2 hours we got there and bought chicken strips and
beer (and a grape soda) and went to the house they were playing at.  There
was no bathroom (the house was locked from the inside to keep people out)
so everyone had to go out side.  I drove lisa, dave smith, steve mar and
fred to the andersen family fun center because they wanted to go to the
staight edge show.  But it cost 5 bucks so we went back to the party.  Los
huevos played and it was rowdy and at the end woodhouse threw his drums
into the audience.  I was in the back because i had my digital camera and
didnt want it getting hurt.  So i'll put some picture from the show up on
my picture page sometime.  The Nar played, we watched a few songs and lisa
wasnt feeling well so we left.  I was almost falling asleep the whole ride
home.  It took us and hour and a half to get to the sacto county line.
I guess everyone else got hotel rooms and went to a sports bar.  I guess
there are polaroids of dave smith doing something bad.

Sunday:  oscar day.  I won the oscar pool with 12 correct picks out of 24.
Lisa and stacy tied at 11 picks and trev joe came in last with only 9
picks, ha ha.