Oscar time, baby!

So im sure you'all watched all the oscars and all the preshows.  I was in
a betting pool with lisa, trevor and stacy.  The winner gets a dollars
from the loosers.  I got 12 out of 24, lisa got 11, so i may be the
winner.  I think trev joe just picked mask of zorro and armygedumb for all
his picks.

Best Picture:  Shakespeare in love, i thought life is beautiful should
have won, but was figuring private ryan would win.  I didnt think
shakesbeard in love was a best picture calibur film.

Best actor: Roberto benini (theres a g in there somewhere).  I picked him,
i thought he was good, and he won which is also good.  hes pretty funny.
I h ad forgotten that he was in 'down by law' with tom waits.  Im glad
nick nolte didnt win because he was a dick and didnt clap for the commie
director/informer.  I think old nick was just mad because he didnt win
best actor for down and out in bev hills.

Best actress: G paltrow, yeah who cares, i figured she'd win because she
won the other two awards things.  He movie was the only one i had seen
from this catagory too, they were all brits tho.

Best supporting actor: some beardo old guy, cocram or somehting.  He a big
guy with a white beard.

Best supporting Actress: M from the new james bond movies won for
shakesbeard in love.  I was hoping she'd win because her's was the only
movie i had seen in that catagory.

Best screen plays:  i think gods and monsters (bout a gay old guy) and
shakesbeard in love won.

Best Cinimatography:  I dont remember, i know it wasnt Thin Red Line,
because i thought that should win because it was all artsy and crap.

Best Director: Senor Spelbergo won for ryans privates.

Best animated short: Bunny won, stacy and lisa picked bunny, i want for
jolly rodger.

best visual effects: the heaven movie with robin willams, what dreams may
come, i voted for mighty joe young because it was a monkey movie and not

best dressed at oscar night: me

worst dressed at oscar night: me

best guy in the world (according to me): me (i think its someone else but
i cant remember)

fact: the only oscar to win an oscar was oscar myers for his owrk in the
hot dog area.

man, i am dumb today.