Monkey, monkey 2 by 4

So i put a lot of work into my pictures pages yesterday.  I made my site
more netscape friendly and made more things that i hate that i dont have
to look at but you'all do.  SO i got shot down for another statejob, this
one was for an exam for a research analyst (GIS) postition.  See, it turns
out i never had a statisitcs class (too busy getting a D in calc 2).  It
just sucks because i know people who have this job and there is no stats
ever used.  Its basically just being a computer monkey for someone who has
a better degree than you.

So im bitter today, bitter and bored. Bitter, bored and light headed (to
much hot coaco).  I can see two big (like ten story) cranes out side my
window.  They're being used to build the new calEPA building.  I just
pretend that they're going to fight.  'yellow-jack' who is black and
yellow is taller than 'candy kain' whoes red and white.  yellow jack has a
man-room up at his hindge while candy kains man-room in on the ground.  I
think candy kains faster, but i think yellow jack could pick up candy
candy and throw him into wine-o park.  Candy cane could try and smash
yellow jacks man-room though.  Evey day this endless battle goes on.  I
guess it will end when the buildings done.  I';ll be sad to see old candy
kain and yellow jakc go (i know i said cane instead of kain earlier, im
way too lazy to backspace and fix it, its much easier to just explain my

Hey i just remembed that Falling Down is on cinemax tonight at 7pm.  I
love that movie.  I figured that would be me if i lived in LA (except i
would never be cool enough to have a DOD job).  I guess it would be me if
i was more nut-so and lived in LA or the Bay Area.  I like in Badlands
where they just drive across the plains.  I wish i could do that, i hate
driving around other cars, they always make me mad and do dumb things.

Man, i just read some of the stuff i just wrote and i am laughing at it.
I dont know what more patetic, my writing, me reading it and laughing, or
me writing that i read it and am laughing.

Hey, i think someone out there should write a guest daily take so i wont
have to do this for a day, that way i can get more idears.  So mail me an
emal with your guest daily take and i'll pick the best one, or all of
them (if there is only one).

Last night Dawsons creek was a rerun so lisa put on 90210.  I couldnt
watch it.  I havent seen it in a while and all the characters are
different and there is no more Tiffany Amber Thiessen.  SO i went and did
dishes.  Then party of 5 came on and at ten Emergency Vets came on, only 2
of the 3 dogs died on this episode.

well i gotta go, candy cane is going nut-so, its swinging its hook trying
to en-tangle yellow jack.  Boy, is this exciting...

end here