Dave Smith said:
You should use that on a daily take.

I had said:

i just over heard some one talking about the russian returant

but the thing that killed me:

she was talking about a thing on sienfield where elaine is yelling
and the lady says "you know like from rocky where he yelled 'stella' at
that girl"

i just want to shout out, its not rocky, its street car named desire!

end quote

Message from my server about the down time.

Hello, Sorry about the down time yesterday. Pacific Bell had a fire
between first and second floor and our T1 circuit went out of service for
about 23 hours. There is nothing we could have done about previous down
time, but we are planning for future. Today we have signed another T1
contract with VERIO http://www.verio.net/netops/netmap.html. The odds of
two T1’s being down at the same time are small. We are also going
to upgrade the our server’s at around midnight today the mail
server, primary DNS server and web server will be down for two to three
hours. Sorry about the down time again.
end quote

Ok now, lets get down to business.

So im sure you'all found my pictures page link and have viewed all the
pictures.  Soon i'll make it all lame and framey and each picture will
have a caption saying something dumb or somewthing about the picture.

So yesterday we got digital cable and for 3 hours we had all the premieum
channels (hbo and showtime, etc).  We were almost to the end of Mad City
(unforntainly not about mad magazine) when the free channels cut out.  We
have 7 Cinemax channels free for a month, but nothing good will ever be
on.  Digital cable comes in nice and clear.

So yesterday i called in sick i didnt leave the house.  By ten oclock at
night i felt terrible, all my muscles were sore from not moving for so
long, i htink it was vitimin D deficiency from me not getting any sun.
Now its lunch time and im hungery as a hungery dog.  

So i was almost hit by a gay biker today as i left my apt and was walking
on the sidewalk.  I hear a voom and a cyclist zooms within inches of me.
It was on 20th street where theres a big bikelane and no reason to ride on
the sidewalk.  I new he/she (who can tell?) was gay because they had a
rainbow triangle on their backpack.  So i guess they'e could have been a
fruit fly and just supported gay rights enough to show it.  Im not
anti-fag i just dont think anyone should almost hit me on a bicycle.  I
think that a lot of the prejudice stuff has become such a taboo that
people are now saying thinks like homo just for the shock value.  I mean
as a kid you could call someone gaylord and it was like calling someone
dingus, but now you can be called a homophobe for saying it.

So i heard that our mayor was thinking about suing gun manufactors because
its the gun companys fault for people getting shot and not the people who
are doing the shooting.  So i thought we should make it against the law
for couples to not have a kid ever month unless pregnant.  Because its
basically like refusing that gooey DNA stuff  the right to become a child,
which is the same as knifing a kid i nthe face.  Both are denying the kid
a chance at life.  So every month that a girl had her monthly friend thats
like a kid getting knifed in the face, and every time a guy nuts its like
a milloin kids getting knifed in the face.

wow im too controversial for my own good today.