At home today

It feels so wrong typing this at home, because its like im not getting
paid to do this, well actually i am because it sick time, but its like i
can do other stuff instead of write this and get paid.

So last night Jason Petrone said that i should write a whole page about
him.  First i'll remind him what i told him last night that Civilization 2
is out for playstation now and he should get it.  After i write this page
i think i'll play some civ 2 in honor of mr petrone.

So mr petrone grew up in LA, he made a million dollars by playing bass
with the groovie ghoulies.  He was taugh bass by duff from g n r.  He went
on tour in Nam and rescure central nam from the french.  He then went to
france and learned french and killed more french guys.  He even threw a
french guy off the big effiel tower and the guy landed on a paper weight
that looked like the tower and it hit him in the brain.  This explains why
the paris level on twisted metal 2 is mr petrone favorite level.

After that he went to french canada and got an FAL (its a gun used by
canadians and non-commies).  He then went to new orlens and learned to
talk cajone.  he'd say 'oooie shar, mitie fine shrimp cabobs' all the
time.  The he was deprted to the french section of sacramento where he was
hired by statenet to translate french coded emails.  He's also a
bodyguard, and navy seal and the guy who invented Furbys.

He sold his beret (the french hat) and bought a macintosh laser printer.
He now lives in the room i used to live in where one of the window pains
is plastic held in by caulking and thumb tacks.  His story grows each day
as he fights for the rights of the underprivallaged and kills guys.

the end

If this doesnt make sence and/or you dont know jason petrone, then now you