A not too exciting weekend

friday: Went to Mongolian BBQ with lisa and dave smith and bill.  After 
that we went back to our place and watched some simpsons episodes.

saturday: Lisa took the praxis and i stayed at home.  I clean a bunch and 
played Civilization 2 even more.  I was king kong of the communist apes 
and i killed the chinese, most the egyptians, all the mongols and all the 
native americans.  I found out that my record player is busted and wasnt 
able to listen to my soviet army choir record.  In stead i listened to 8 
tracks like the ventures and neil diamond.  I also listened to the best 
of the beach boys, this 8 track wont change tracks so i would hear songs 
like 'in my bedroom' and 'wendy' like 5 times before i got up and changed 
it.  Saturday night lisa and i went and rented 'ever after' (it 
was her choice, i said ok because i thought she was looking at 'diturbing 
behavior'), it turned out to not be the worst movie.  

saturday:  Returned the ever after movie early and got free popcorn from 
blockbuster.  Went to eat at taco bell, went and looked at the new macs 
at compusa, went to toys r us and got dave smith a present and i got the 
'name that tune' electronic game with a bonus 'hit pop songs of the 60s - 
90s".  The name that tune game is impossible, i only can name the Cure 
songs that it gives hits too, the rest are boz scags and andy gibb songs 
that i never heard of.  The best is when the game says who wins because 
its says 'wins' really fast and funny.  Lisa and i saw Shakespere in 
Love.  It wasnt the best movie of the year but it was good.  Then we went 
to target and got batteries and then went to west sac so lisa could 
practice driving my car.  Later on i played the wrestling video game and 
listened to a village people 8 track while lisa cooked.  After we ate we 
watched 'Badlands'.  I htink that a cop in the movie trys to shoot martin 
sheen with an Enfield No4 Mk1, he tells martin sheen that its a 30-06.

no too much exciting stuff on the weekend.  In two weeks i think we're 
going to the desert to shoot and see ghost towns, so that will be more 
exciting to tell.

in the book im reading, some one wrote 'amen !' and underlined a part 
about how kids used to not do each other as much in the 40s in hawaii.  I 
htink its a refrence to Amen the old sitsom with shermon helmsly as a 

over and out.