Who knows who?

So now i'm up to know three charactors names on ER (said as one word like
'err').  I know dr ross, dr green and dr carter.  I ve seen the show a lot
more lately (lisa's gotten into watching er) but i still dont know a lot
of their names.  And dont email me and tell me, this is something i got to
learn on my own.  I know some of them by their real names of other shows
they were in like Becka from the corky show and emily valentine from 90210
(chirstine elise was also in childs play 2 or 3, what ever one ends when
they're at a chucky doll making factory.)  I just like that gilbert from
revenge of the nerds is a main character in er.

So ED hunter is all hyped up about the Friends Girls band.  He watched two
episodes last night (he could have watched three because the non
sindication episode was on) and started trying to learn the theme somg.
He's going to be lisa kudrow and is looking for the chords to her songs on
the internet.

So dave smith said 'i a figure if youd a drive me to that there gun store
id buy the 750 dollar FAL gun thing' and i said 'ok, you buy it on you
dont get a ride back' and he said 'ok, dude, dont have a cow man, and lisa
went with us and we went to the gun store and he bought the gun with his
NRA credit card.  So now he has a evil black, battle rifle that he can
name 'baby killer'.  Steve mar said i should try and send my broken ar15
reciever back to bushmaster (the company who made it) and see if they'll
give me a new one.  I guess i could do that because it would mean i would
still have the mAK and could still be considered manly.

Oliver brown came to town and played a show last night at the loft.  I
guess him and benji are going up to REEd college in oregon to play a show
and get 500 bucks.  Soriano put together the trip so he could get a free
trip to the north where the increased gravity...

Im just going to start ending stories in the middle so people will think
they're something more than they actually are.  Im so glad its friday.  I
have nothing planned this weekend.  Lisa has to go and take a couple
Praxis test (really had test to become a teacher).  I figure i'd like to
see either Badlands or Gilipoli this weekend since neither ive seen.  Only
4 days til we get digital cable.  I cant wait to see the oscars in clear
digital color and definition.  Next i'll have to get one of them phillips
Vagnamox 64 inch flat screen hi def tvs that i can hand on the wall.  If i
had on of those i'd never leave the house.  I guess it would be much
different than now, eh?

Marcha marcha marcha.  Sorry i just thought that was kind of funny, i was
thinking how i spent a lot of money in feburary and now its march and
march sounds like marsh, so marsha sounds like marcha.  

thats it, get back to work

the end