I ammuse my self with my titles too much

So last night i broke my Ar-15.  I broke a piece off the metal receiver
when i was trying to pound a roll pin out.  So now i need glue, lots of
glue to fix it up before y2k.  I dont want to get caught with a gun with
out a fully functional trigger guard.  I might not be able to use it if
its snowing and im wearing gloves or (more likely) if i get my fingers
glued together with super glue.

So i finished my equator book and got another thuston clarke book called
'ghosts of pearl harbor.'  So i better you all think im a nerdy english
major who has a minor in spelling, but you'd be wrong.  I dont usually
read too much (unless you count the preview channel), but every few years
i get into reading trends where i read a bunch.  Its usually due to me
reading a book i like, so i find all the other books by the same guy.
Last time it happened was with Micahael Chricton.  I read jurassic park
(twice) and then read all the rest of his books.  i think reading is too
much like school, if you're not in school dont read, you're just being a
phoney or poser.

Man, i just ate a banana and feel like i have to crap like the dickens.
My stomach be upset a lot laterly, i htink its because i havent gave it
any caffine or beer in a while.  I can usually fix it by punching myself
in the gut until i pass out.

Hey, im famous now!  Yes, i am.  I am published as a co author (1 of 3) in
an article about earthquakes in northern california in the march/april
1999 issue of California Geology.  You wouldnt believe all the money im
making form this article.  Yeah, i mean its done so much for me, they even
said if i was still a student they would let me keep working here at
student wages (8 and hour).  Boy, that the total opposite of a kick in the
face, eh?

So i only got like 2 and half months til im job less.  Ive been looking
around, but i really want some one to just give me an easy job that pays
a lot of money.  They might as well, it doesnt do anyone any good if i
have to look around and get a crappy job at Dames and Moore as the tolet
fixer (trevors old job, before he was the offical car wrecker).  Some of
the private indrustry jobs have you work 14 hour days, i mean i only good
for about a 3 or 4 hour day, and thats streching it.  Im even so lazy that
i can make a resume.  I just keep trying to find my old resume which
probably doesnt exsist anymore.

Side note, Lisa said she wanted a page where she can tell what really
happened all the times that i have quoted her.  Things like her saying
'goose sex' which she doesnt remember happening, like i remember them
happening.  Lisa's older mac centris seemd to die yesterday, it need to
get up and running for multi player war craft 2.  I think it threw a
harddrive.  My computer at home is as slow as the dickens when you try
netscape with vitual memory turned on.  I guess i need more memory which
would mean buy somehting that is not gun related.

So there is a show tongiht at the loft benji and oliver brown are playing
at 8pm.  I'll be there (unless its a new friends tongiht).

So i came up with my next brillant band.  Its called the "friends' girls"
and its a three peice that is each a girl from friends.  There would me as
jennifer anison (because i have the fashison sence and rich girl back
ground like rachel has) and some one else as courtney cox and some one and
lisa cudrow.  and the somes would be about things on friends.  So if
anyone is intrested and can play an insturment and is not really a girl,
tell me.

Im relaly looking forward to lunch today because i got swanson chicken
nuggets that include corn, fries and a brownie and only take 3 minutes to
microwave.  Swanson can make anyone feel like a regular chef boy are die
any old day.

tha end