'Land's not a word we have to shout

in the book im read he talks about how these xmas island natives fish for
one fisherman sits in the water and waits for the octopus to rap its
tentacles around him.  Them the octopus rises to the surface and another
>\fishman bites the octopus between the eyes which kills it

So next tuesday lisa and i are getting digital cable for our living room
tv set.  It will be just like living in space.  I htink we may get a free
month of cinimax too, i wasnt really paying attention on the phone, id
just keep saying 'ok, so you're sure its only going to be 7 dollars more a
month?' and 'ok, so the guy who brings the box isnt going to be expecting
money?" those kind of things.

So last night lisa and i when and feed the ducks at McKinley park.  We
decided to devote and hour each day to exercise (5:30 to 6:30).  So we
were going to mckinley to walk around the track and figured we'd give the
ducks some old bread.  So the ducks were hungery.  There were these geese
things that i called 'buzzard gooses' that looked like geese with vulture
heads.  But these buzzard gooses could catch the bread in the air, the
regular grey geese could olnt open and close their mouths, hopping a piece
would fall in (which it never did).  One buzzard goose took my whole peice
of bread when i was teasing him and ran off, i tryed to grab him but when
i touched his feathers i got scared of duck plague fleas and let him go.
I also was susseccfull in putting a peice of bread on a goose's back.  I
was hoping another goose would try and get it or that goose would run
around in circles trying to get the bread.  But i think it just fell off
and some duck ate it.  One time at the park lisa and i saw a weird
duck/goose that looked like a male malard crossed with a goose.  we (or me
atleast) called the the malard goose hybred.  I think that goose duck will
one day rule the pond.  Also, i saw some geese biting each other and said
'look them gooses be a fightin' but then lisa said 'you're wrong they're
having goose sex.'  It made me wonder...

So, last night we watched "the day after".  I hadnt been allowed to watch
it when it was originally on, when i was a kid.  It was because it had
steve gutenburg in it and i was terrified of mr gutenburg (unless it was a
police acadomy movie, which ive seen one thru 5 or 6 and enjoyed).  So in
this movie a bunch of people die from radiation and nuclear blasts.  I
htink that y2k wont be as bad as this movie because you dont have to worry
about being blown up as much.  And there shouldnt be any radiatoin
poisoning for y2k, just y2k poisoning.  Remember not to look at the blast.
I missed the end of the movie because it got cut off (the tv guide always
lies to me and i always believe it and miss movies, twice ive tryed to
record the end of 'devil advocate' and missed, its not that i like the
movie, i just want that part of my life to be complete (the devil adovate
watching part)).  after the day after on the tape is spice world.

At the show at the loft on monday i did a brillant ET impressionation,
every thought i was the best for doing it.  I put a light under my red
shirt and said 'beee gooood.'  It was almost as amazing as my
impresionation on the itatian kid who's life changed due to ALF (this is
not true by the way, the i-talian kid is true but my impressionation on
him is way off line).  

I dont know what im talking about any more...