Another manic monday weekend report

Friday:  Didnt go to SF to see los huevos.  Lisa and i rented and watched
the Truman Show which wasnt that good.

Saturday:  I wanted to go shooting but lisa didnt.  We started to head to
the Del Paso thrift store around 2:30 when lisa said "it might be a good
day to go shooting" and i turned the car around and went home and started
packing up guns.  We couldnt find Dave smith or bill (missed them by 10
minutes) but goit Jay (from the 4 eyes) to go.  He'd never been shooting
before.  So we went out there and blasted through a bunch of rounds
shooting at garbage.  I had like 12 pepsi 'ones' that were bad so i would
try and throw them out to shoot but ended up just hurting my arm.  they
were pretty easy to hit from around 25 yards with the Ar15 and the MAK90
(like a AK 47).  The Ak was pretty fun to shoot.  There were a bunch of
people at the spenceville range so we couldnt get a table.  the guy next
to us had a little kid who was like 7 or 8 who kept running around.  The
guy would keep yelling at the kid but the kid would just laugh.  When we
were shooting the kid would try and run in front and stuff liek that.
There was a big peice of sheet metal buy the garbage can that was buy
where we were shooting and laying my guns.  The kid kept jumping on the
peice of metal and making dust.  Twice i picked up the metal and moved it
back and leaned it on the garbage can and both time the kid pulled it back
and jumped on it.  There also re-grated the road at spenceville (its a
gravel road) so it doesnt have the undulations or washboarding that it had
before.  But now the gravel is loose and you can fish tail around carners,
which is always fun for me and always makes lisa think we're going to end
up in the ditch.  
	SO we get back from shooting and drop Jay off and return home.
There are messages from dave saying that we missed him by ten minutes and
a bunch of whining.  SO we leave a message on his voice mail saying that
we're going to the dennys downtown and will look for him (and bill and
steve mar) later.  So at dennys the hostess comes over the our table and
says that our babysitter is calling.  I say i have no babysitter.  It
turned out to be dave smith calling drunk from the flame club.  SO we get
home and then go to the flame club (on 16th and Vst).  Dave leave after
like 30 minutes with jesse and lisa (a different lisa).  So its just me
and bill palying shuffleboard and lisa sitting at a table with steve mar
whos asleep.  SO we go back to bills and play with the picture-in-p[icture
function on his tv and play with digital cable and watch some "gladiator
cop: the swordsman 2".

Sunday:  I get up and go over to bills and we wait for dave smith to come
over so we can go to the gun show.  We stop at AM/PM (aka AmpM as in
Amp-em) for breakfast.  Spend a few hours at the gun show. i buy a bunch
of stuff (ak47 mag, stripper clips and guides for the ak and ar, ar parts
to my my gun more like the vietnam a1 model, some bullets and a lightning
worm for lisa (a pice of fur that moves when you pet it, it has goggly
eyes glued to it).  Then we all went and ate at taco loco and nothing
exciting happened after that.

monday: the bonus day

today i came in to find that the signal had dropped out on one of the
seismographs and made a mess (dropout mean that the needle moves like a
magnitude 10 earthquake for ever).  The needle broke off and all the ink
ran out.  So it splatter ink on the neighboring seismograph and on the
chair on the other side.  SO now i have ink on my hands that wont come
off.  The seismograph paper has a 5 inch band of pure ink.  I had to do
all this because my boss is gone today.

and now its all raining out side and i have no umbrella.  and its going to
be all rainy at the loft show tongiht.  crap o