SO the word is out

I was talking to steve mar last night and told him i bought a MAK90 (its
like an AK47 rifle).  I was going to wait til we went shooting next and
then just pull it out so he'd say "gollllly, where did you git that there
funny lookin rifle" (he'd say it just like that too, i know it).  But i
cracked.  I atleast surpirzed dave smith because i told him i bought the
AK and said come over and see it and he said "yeah right, in 15 days' and
i said 'no way, bro, its here now, you know?' and he said 'man, how did
you keep it a secret for two weeks' and i said 'its because im a
superhuman, the worst smartest man, the strongest guy en del mundo, there
once was a stonger man but i tricked him with a joke and he is weak now'.

And thats exactlly how it all went.

So now that i have the AK i can look for more stuff at the gun show this
weekend, like a AK strap and another magazine or two for it.  I should
also maybe pick up an ammo box to store ammo.  There also is this cool
AK47 russian poster thats on ebay that i would like to pick up, its all in
color and shows the parts on the gun.  

SO yesterday lisa and i went and saw the rocket boys movie "october sky."
It was really well done.  Kind of sappy at parts but i really liked it.
It seems like there are a lot of underated good movies coming out lately
like october sky and rushmore and life is beautiful.  Last year there were
some real stinkers
(like the oprah movie and the comet movies) and disappointments (like thin
red line and apt pupil).  Still have a lot of the year to go, but that new
star wars movie is coming out, that could turn out to bee a big

SO yesterday i correctly answered the final jeporaty answer.  I cant
really remember the answer but the question was "who's kelsy grammer".  SO
i out witted one of the three high school girls that are in the teen
finals.  Tkae that, yous who think you'all all smart and stuff because you
are senoirs in high school and on tv.  If i ever got on jeporaty (i would
have to know how to spell it first) i would get catagories like:  college
football, lititure, spelling, grammer, jane austin, the middle east and
geology.  I would then miss all the geology questions because i would
think there was more behind them than things like 'mineral' or 'rock'.  I
would only get right on college football question because i would guess
BYU for all them.  But i would get to chant 'bet it all, bet it all' for
final jep like i do at home (and also for the daily doubles).  Then i
would be in third place and only get the pedicare samples to take home,
while the second place would get a vaction and computer.

Ive only been at work for 3 hour and im going hog wild with boredom.  I
think i'll just sit here and pick my nose and watch this big crane out
side move stuff around


'it was agood day; i didnt even have to use my AK'