Together, we're going to find our way...

For some reason this morning i started trying to remember the 'silver
spoons' theme song.  And i couldnt remember if Erin Gray was in Buck
Rodgers or Battlestar Galactica (almost sure on buck rodgers).  I remember
the episode where Alfonso tells everyoen that he knows michael jackson and
then gets a fake michael jackson to fool people.  

So did the part of Dawsons Creek last night where he and mcfee were drunk
and singing the blues make anyone else embarassed?  I could barely look at
the tv.  How much more of an ass could you make of yourself? (meaning
dawson leary, not me for watching it).  I guess its ok since its fake and

So i gave the dead gromii the old 'burial at pee' and i went and got a new
blub and food for the eel.  So now i have a brightly lite tank with an eel
thats always hidden in the gravel.  I guess i should buy an other fish or
too for that tank.  I havent bought fish in a while.  I used to go to the
fish store like twice a week.  That was back when i was poor too.  Now im
poor but working, so being in debt seems ok.

Lisa and i are going to go see the rocket boys movie 'october sky'
tonight.  I guess its a true story about boys creating rocket fuel.  That
reminds me of the john candy movie 'armed and dangerous' were he gets a
ride from a trucker who calls john candy 'slim.'  The trucker starts
driving crazy or somehting and they're about to get shoot with a missle
and john candy asks whats the truck carrying and the trucker responds
"rocket fuel'.  and they jump out and the truck gets shot and blows up
like crazy and all.  I used to like that movie.  I used the think that
chevy chase, john candy, dan akroid and bill murry were the funniest guys.

SO geuss whose hand i just shook?  Tom Hanks! thats write i just met tom
hanks.  The famous geologies/siesmologist.  He's even less famous than the
actor by the same name.  I was think that i should have he autograph
something so them i could sell it as tom hanks signiture and not be a
liar.  Man, i could get rich, and quick off this scheme.

Its my lunch time but all my bosses are at lunch with tom hanks so i
should be goofing off hardcore but im hungry.  I also have nothing to do
goofing off wise.

So who watched party of five instead of the monica L thing?  You are the
winners because the interview think was a regular lame ass factory.