What an non-exciting day

Ive been reading for most of the morning.  One of my bosses was supposed
to be gone today, but he wasnt so i am not able to hang out in his office
all day doing nothing.  So im doing a little work and a lot of reading.
Its almost lunch time, but im not really looking forward to the chicken i
have for lunch.  I guess maybe i'll take a walk down the mall out of
bordem.  I really need a day off here.  I think this month i can start
using vacation time.  Maybe i should miss a day and go shooting or
something.  Maybe today just sucks because its wednesday.  Man, i have to
be doing this for the rest of my life (or be doing something worse).

I guess im just in a work-sucks kind of mood today.  This darn program
keeps giving me bad data.  Its try to tell me that two identical
earthquakes are going to cost different amount.  Im just not in the mood
to be lied to by a computer.  Also i havent been getting any dumb email
today.  After not checking my email for a couple hours i only had one new
email, and it was an ar15 list that wasnt too exciting.

Last night i played some castlevania for the N64 and get really
frustrated.  That dang game makes you keep trying to do all these crazy
jumps and if you miss you die and have to start over.  I hate the games
that are 3d that make you jump a lot.  Its just too hard to judge
distances with the camera moving around at different angles.  So i got mad
and played some turok 2.  I wasnt even able to get to a saving point
before i had to turn off the nintendo for jeporty.  So all my turok action
was for nothing.  Andd i have to watch the long intro when i want to play
again.  Man, life is hard, aint it?

So my gromii (a fish) died.  Atleast it looked dead this morning.  It
wasnt looking good last night.  I havent been feeding it as much lately
and i guess i killed it with neglect.  The eel that ive had for like 2 and
half years is still alive.  I'll have to go and get some eel food (tubifex
worms) at the fish store today.  I dont think ive feed the eel this year
yet.  I thought he was dead for a while but i saw him swimming around last
night.  I guess i'll have to give the gromii the old 'burial at pee'.
Where it gets flushed down the tolet and i wave it goodbye.  Its kind of
neat because they look like they're swimming when you flush and it gets
caught in the current.  You're not supposed the flush tropical fish
because the 'introduce forgien bacteria' to the sewer system.  Its part of
my beliefs so its ok for me to do it (good thing thats in the bill of
rights).  Maybe soon my 'fish flushing' beliefs will be limited like how
the 2nd admendment is limited.  Im not going to 'go there' tho, because no
one out there cares (by the way, 'tho' = though).

SO, for a recap, im bored, the fish is dead and i need a vacation.  I was
thinking of going snow shooting to fight off the hordes of evil snowmen.
that sounds good.

the end