Its tuesday and im tired.

yesterday i bought my first pair of jeans.  i havent worn jean (like
levis) since like freshman year.  And now i have a pair.  I had been only
wearing ben davis for years.  Thats because they have a monkey on them.
SO now i have blue jeans and i look like a cowboy (except for the hat and
boots and shirt and mustache and queerness).  

I went through my records last night. I had to do something while lisa was
watch alley mcbeal so i put the records into catagories (i was too lazy to
put them in alphabetic order).  My catagories were:  
1) punk/rock
2) dumb funny stuff
3) soundtracks (movies, james bond, tolkien records)
4) neil diamond and stars on
5) no covers or no records
6) ten inches

It made me remember how many records i have and dont listen too.  My dumb
pile is almost as big as my punk/rock pile.  I bet it would be bigger if i
added in the soundtracks and no covered records.  So basically i have a
lot of records that no one would ever buy/want.  I cant even remember the
last time i listened to a record.  Its just too much effort.  The 24 CD
disc changer is soo much easier.  I can put it on random and hear the same
random selection that i hear all the time.  Why isnt the random feature
actually random?  Why does it seem to play some of the same tracks a lot
more often than other tracks?  Who cares?

I think that on 7th heaven they should have had matt join the army and had
ruthie return to her real parents (since she adopted) so then the family
would return to haveing 7 people total instead of just 7 children.  Man, 7
kids is a lot, that ladys a regular baby factory.  Why doesnt she learn
that her kids all suck too.  Every week atleast one of them gets into
trouble.  And the adopted kid thing reallly backfired because ruthie is
the worst.  She acts back and treats people like dirt and then get
rewarded for it.  Come on, now.

Man, im a regular 'complaining' factory today.  Actaully im a regular
'factory' factory today, ive used that word more than once so that makes
me a factory for it.  Im just mad because i thought of something good to
write and now i cant remember it.

I was thinking of making a pictures section on my webpage.  It would have
dumb pictures of me and cats and guns and tv.  So i'll have to see when i
get around to doing it.  The trouble is that i cant do it from work, and i
never turn on the computer at home.

bye im boring me