So heres my weekend report:

Friday:  So the bananas had to play in redding which is like 150 miles
north of sacto.  So i drove them because lisa's van has crappy tires and i
didnt want to get stuck up north.  So after trying to figure things out we
take off from sacramento at like 7pm.  There's me, lisa, mike and scott
miller in the car.  I drive pretty fast and we get to redding before 9pm.
We find the 'family center' where the bananas are playing and go in.  It
turned out that we just missed the other sacto band that was playing.
There were too other bands to play before the bananas.  I drove to
mcdonalds we got back and sat in the car for a while eating and drinking.
I went inside with scott miller and some rage against the machine style
(funky metal( band was playing and yelling about cops sucking.  Teens were
moshing and talking about cops sucking.  Then some skinhead starts bumping
into on of the guys in the bands mom (tristan called her the hipster mom,
she was skinny with leather pants and had purple hair, whe was standing
with her daughter).  So hipster mom tells the skinhead to stop pushing
her, he then pushes here really hard and about 20 guys jump on the
skinhead and start beating him.  Then the take it out back and then
everyone runs out the front and there was some fight.  Then the owner lady
calls the cops to come and get rid of the skinheads.  Then the bananas
play and there are no fights.  We leave redding sometime between 12 and
1230 and get back to sacto before 2am.

The next day saturday.  I went to the gun store with lisa and then dave
smith comes by and takes lisa and i with him to the army navy surpluse
store and to motocyle places.  Its all pretty unexciting.  We stop at the
hostess thrift store and get some treats.  We then go back to lisa and my
place because the bananas have to play the Legion hall on 21st street that
night.  So we sit around and play video games.  Jeph comes over and plays
videogames.  Then we go to the show.  Cant find any of the other bananas
so we go home and then come back later.  It was supposed to be 6 bucks,
but the price gets knocked down to 3 bucks when no one is there.  There is
a big room with a stage and a corner of it is tarped off and it called the
beer garden.  In it there are cups and a tap with bug light for free.  Its
for band members only and you need the 'B' on your hand to get in.  I was
on the guest list and the girl at the door gave me the 'B' by mistake.
Dave smith got a B because he knew the guy putting on the show.  So during
the bananas we got to drink free beer.  When no one was around we'd just
turn on the tap and drink it right out of the machine, just because we
could.  It was pretty great.  Later bill came and bought food and we ate
it.  Mike r mike smashed hi noise while entering the beer garden and
running into some guy.  Lisa almost got in a fight with a skinhead because
she was looking at mikes noise and the skin head thought she was flipping
him off so he flipped her off in her face.  She then really flipped him
off.  Then skinhead then said that he was just hanging out with his old
friend mike.  Lisa told him that she lived with mike for 6 years and didnt
know who the guy was.  So then the skinhead left and luckily no one got
beat up.  

Sunday:  Lisa and i stayed home all day.  We watched Damian: the omen 2
and the exorist (on videodisc).  Then watched simpsons and xfiles and road
rules (latin america).  We ate taco bell and pizza.

the end to an exciting weekend report