So i had to eat early

Because the new refridgerator hadnt arrived here yet.  So my froozen lunch
of swedish meatballs was thawing and i decided to eat it at 11:30.  So i
ate and read some.  pretty exciting..

So last night after eat dinner at Coco's, lisa and i went and rented
'there's something about mary.'  It actually turned out to be pretty
funny.  I figured that i had seen all the funny parts on the adds, but i
was wrong.  Its also good because it has a lot of chris elliot (of get a
life fame).  And it has richard tyson as a cop.  Who out there know who
richard tyson is and what movie made him famous (to me)?

So i guess im driving the bananas up to redding to play a show tonight.
Im not really looking forward to the 3 hour drive, the 3 hour drive
(sorry, i figured id give you a little 'married with children' humor).
Last show i went to in redding was when los huevos and the bananas played
there and like ten people rode in Batman (the van) up there.  I ate a
bunch of mcnuggets (some of the mcnuggets i dropped on the ground and
found later and ate them).  The next morning i was really sick.  I had got
the flu and was hung over, it was terrible.  The house we stayed in was
full of smoke and everything smelt like smoke, so that made me sicker.
The night before i would keep doing dumb dances and would make patrone
watch and he would laugh.  So redding has bad memories for me.  Of course
the house had two kittens and Ed labeled one the good one and won the bad
one and he would bother them til they would bite or scratch him enough to
get away.

So im looking forward to the gun show thats a week from tomorrow.  I
havent been to a gun show since december.  Man, i am jonesing.  Usually
all i buy are bullets tho, but hey, its fun to look.  

So after they (well i think it was only one guy) finished cleaning the ice
out of the old fridge here at work yesterday, the sink was full of ice and
snow (i think i just wont the most perfect sentence).  If you (meaning me)
would turn on the steaming hot (190 degrees, baby) water, it would make a
hole through the snow like hot water through snow.  Nothing is funner than
a sink of ice and a bunch of hot water.  

I think since no one saw me eating lunch that im going to take another
lunch.  I'll go get some cheetos or chips (im trying not to eat the same
stuff as i did yesterday because something gave me the runns like crazy).
Then i can just read and eat til like 1:30.  Either that or i'll start
working to make the time pass faster.  Or i'll try and figure something to
do instead of work that will make the time go by faster.  So many options,
so much time.

see you'all next week (well i may not actually 'see' you, but you can
figure it out, eventually im going to stop writing these help ful hints
and then you'all be in trouble, youll see)

what univere is this and where are my pants?
--bill "s.b.h.m.t.g.c." lonsdale