89 cent special!

On the way to the FNRA meeting, me, lisa and dave smith stopped at
McDonalds (as the tradition of two weeks in a row bids) on sunrise south
of 50.  The have a deal where after 6pm you can get any non-double meat
sandwhich for 89 cents.  So dave and i both got crispy chicken burgers.
The register guy was hating life but talked to dave smith about bleach
hair.  The fat boss lady kept taking the guys crispy chicken sandwhiches
because the 'cars in the drive thru come first.'  The coke from the
machine didnt taste right either.

Any ho, we went to the FNRA meeting, being sure to get there early so we
could get seats in teh back.  As we pulled in, we noticed that there were
hardly any cars in the lot, last time both lots were full.  So to make a
short story shorter, there werent as many people as last time.  Most of
the meeting was boring.  No one would vote for anyone for club president
and the elections got delayed til next month.  At one point a big cat came
in and started meowing and rubbing against people who didnt seem to like
it.  We were trying to get the cat to come over to us, but it wouldnt.
One lady who works for some legaslator person told us a bunch of things
they (the state govt) wanted to make illegal.  Basically they dont want
anyone to have over ten rounds of ammo in a magazine at any one time.

So my boss is out today and i work very little.  Soon i'll have to stop
and eat lunch and read.  There is a sign on the fridge that says someone
is going to try and defrost the big block of ice thats is the freezer at 1
oclock.  That should be interesting to see.

Lisa and i watched some of the grammys last light (because nothing else
was on).  They were the worst, even worst than ally mcbeal (one time i
came up with this song to annoy lisa that went like "ally mcbeal likes
veal" but said in an annoying chanting way).  

So i talked to my old friend joel last night on the phone.  He lives in
Los Angeles and hates it,  well he said he didnt hate it any more but he
wants to move.  He was looking to live in a warehouse before, but now i
guess he want to rent a place in the boonies that has a lot of land around
it.  I told him move to sacto!  So he said he might.  I guess he was going
to buy a mosin-nagant from a big 5 for like 40 bucks (he knows someone
that works there) but they were out of stock.  So maybe he'll move up here
and i can have someone else to go shooting with.  

I had better start preparing for lunch soon.  I have to wait til there is
an opening in the microwave line and then put my food in and get back to
my cubicle before the annoying guy traps me and starts talking about
geology with me.  When he talks he gets really close.  Last time i was in
a corner and was almost stepping in a garbage can.  He also uses phrases
like "it was like john wayne at the alamo, the right man for the right
job' when talking about himself doing feild work.


-freezer update!!!!

a second ice-man entree has been found!
and they were given to me, what a lucky guy i am.