So you'd think i had something exciting to say wouldnt you?
but i dont
i thought of saying "welcome to todays daily dose of wackyness!"
but figured that sounded to Dr Demento-esque

So tonight it the local FNRA meeting out at the rancho gun range.  I just
hope i win the ruger 10/22 that they're giving away.  I figure i have
about a 1 in a 100 chance so thats pretty good odds.  Its kind of more
like a 50/50 chance, because i either win it or i dont.  If i use that
logic i can then say that i have a 99 percent chance.  So basically its
mine already.

Have you noticed that they are using the same song in every commerical
that is targeted to the WB generation?  Its that 'funk soul brother' song
and its in the 'she all that' and surge commercials as well as many more,
like the 'office space' commercial.  It drives me nuts.  I guess its like
the Nataly Embroyvia some about laying on the floor with no cloth.  They
had that song in soo many movie commericals.  Its songs like that that
make people like bill go and see movies like 'message in a bottle'.  I
htink people like bill should sue because they have no control over what
movies they want to see because they're controlled by the music.

So los huevos is breaking up after two more shows.  I know that was the
most unexciting thing i could say.  But now its too late, i already typed
it and it would be way too much effort to delete it.  So just treat it as
news and knwo that you can no longer say "i'll leave during los huevos, i
can always see them play some other time."

So this week at the del paso thrift store the magic color is yellow.  If
something has a yellow tag, it is half off.  Of copurse there is nothing
there that anyone wuold want (except the anti-ollie north poster that
smith didnt buy).  Im just waiting for the magic color to me purple, so
then the over priced videodiscs will be cheaper.  Im thinking its next

So tomorrow my boss will be gone and i can goof off on the computer all
day.  Today i spilt some tea on the keyboard, so far its hasnt caused any
problems liek letters sticking or fire.  And, yes i drink tea, i like it
because the name ryhms with pee.  What does coffee ryhm with?  Toffee, too
geigh.  poffee, not a real word.  So i win, that argurement, as one sided
as it may seem.  I need some food, the overloards here gave me work to do
and i havent had time to snack.  And now its lunch time so i cant go down
to the store and buy a snake because it would be too crowded, ohhh whats
aguy to do?

Dave smith was telling me about how he called someone 'churchie' because
she was religious.  And i didnt get it.  Well, it turns out that he got
the term 'churchie' from me on one of my pages.  So i must tell you, my
face was red.  Actually i thought he had come up with it and i was
impressed that i had made it up first.  Dang im smart.

Heres a really dumb joke that i made: (to be read in a rodney dangerfield

"so , my wifes an american gladiator. She's so strong that when she blows
me kisses, they leave bruises!"

i thought it was better that way, instead of:

"I'm in such an abusive realationship, that when my wife blows me kisses,
they leave bruises."

american gladiators just seem to be funnier (to most people) then abusive
relationships.  Dont ask me why, its just one of those things

the end