Well im here at work waiting for someone to bring me a map.  Pretty fun.
I actaully have caught up on my email, a four day weekend amasses a lot of
ar-15 digest lists.  I cant think of anything to talk about because i
havent done anything since yesterday.  Nothing too exciting on tv last
night.  On dawsons creek some guy said he was gay and on party of five
neve's going to get beat up again or somehting.  Actaully no pets died on
emergency vets on animal planet.  No monkeys or cats woke me up in the
middle of the night.  all in all, a pretty uneventful day.

Planning on going to see Rushmore tongiht at 4:55 (i guess thats not
really night, more like 'evening').  317 days left til y2k and todays y2k
calender page is about the start up of AA.  Tomorrow lisa and i are taking
off in the evening to go to santa cruz (where i grew up and my parents
live).  Figure that we'll go to the monterey bay aquarium on saturday and
see the fish and the tourists.  They have a one milloin gallon tank there
that has sun fish in it.  These fish look like half a fish and they are up
to 10 feet tall.  Them soe big fishes.

So a week from last night is the next FNRA meeting here in sacto.  Luckily
patry of five isnt on next week (because the fat eddie murphy disney movie
is) so i wont have to worry about missing it.  I hope i win the ruger
10.22 that im in the raffle for.  I just got kind of lite headed.  I think
i need food, maybe i'll head down to the ATM and then go and bye crunchy
M7Ms and cheetos and a pop for lunch.  Sounds like a plan, man.

--so look for more writing later on here--

thats a lie!
there will be no more for yous!

i was on the 14th floor waiting to catch an elevator to the 12th floor.  I
stood there for a few minutes and then noticed that i had never pushed the
button, so basically i was just standing there, luckily i caught my
mistake before someone else came along.
boy was i dumb!

the end