So the flat-lining monkey pulled a resurrection on my ass..

Well, as im sure you'all read yesterdays page, you know that i was awaken
in the night by a cat in heat.  Well the funnny thing is that at 3:20 in
the morning last night, i was awoken buy a different sound.  At first i
thought 'bird', like maybe someones parrot was out side, but then i
realized the noise was too regular for anything living.  So i thought
maybe one of the furbys had gone nutso.  At, that time i realized what the
noise was.  It was coming from the living room.  The monkey had come to

(pretty good intro, huh?)

So the monkey is one of those hanging monkeys that sits ona branch and you
hang it from the ceiling or wall.  It 'chi chis' at you and moves its jaw
and it rocks on the branch and curls its tail.  Lisa had picked up the
monkey from her grandmas house and we hadnt been able to get it too work.
So i guess i (since i was trying to get it to work last) must have left
the batteries in it and left it turned on.  So for some reason at 3:20am
it decided to work again.  I wish if would have come to life on easter,
because then i could call it the jesus monkey and a bunch of churchies
would pay me to see it.  Im just surprized that it did come to life when
no one was home and run out the batteries before anyone saw it live.  It
would be like 'a tree making noise in the forest and no one heres it, does
it really make a racket?' thye thing.

"if a monkey comes to life and no one sees it before it dies, did it
really come to life?'

Its kind of sad that if the monkey would have awoken from its comma like 5
hours later, its plug may have been pulled when the batteries die.  OK
i'll admit im just saying the same thing over and over.  I just like
talking about die/live/die monkeys.

So im sure you'all watched Felicity last night on the WB network.  Well,
there was a reference to the comic book 'vigilante' that impressed me.  I
remember this comic was like a quarter box 'must have.'  There were like
76 issues and the only one worth above cover price was number one and it
was only worth .25 - 1.00 above cover price.  Im jsut surprized that
someone out there in TV makingland had the guts to bring up the hidden
topic of 'vigilante.'  In the show she bought the guy who got hit by the
bus a couple comics, not being sure which one he read like 5-6 years ago.
One was punisher (war journal, actually) and the other vig\alante.  If i
remember not-wrong, vigalante ended before punisher war journal (or maybe
even punishermini series by mike zeck) started.  Im sure someone out there
will tell me the answer.

So i went with bill to Fry's electronics last ngiht.  He wanted to get his
gfriend a present.  So bill is basically the biggest impluse buyer.  He
wanted me to pick out a playstation game for him to buy, but i felt too
guilty to do it.  But he managed to grab a 9 volt, a 5 pack of video
tapes, a can of pringles and a pack of paper on the way to the register.
If you like reading bad things about frys, you should search for
frys and then read the frys horror stories page.  Its endless stories of
people buying broken stuff and having bad times at frys.  Its pretty

SO today, here at work, i was up on the 14th floor returning a map.  I
then had to go back down to my floor (the 12th) but i pushed the wrong
button in the evevator and ended up in the lobby.  So i decided i would go
try some of the new crunchy M7Ms candy.  So i went to the store and they
were out of the new M7Ms so i figured i'd buy some cheetos, so the trip
wouldnt be a complete waste.  So i bought cheetos.

the end