Its so easy not to try...

Ok, so my 4 day weekend is over and i am no longer anymore specail than
the rest of you workies.  Here is what i did on my 4 day weekend:

day 1, friday: got up when lisa got up and i called dave and bill trying
to get them to go to thrift stores with me, but they gave the weak
excesses of work and school and denyed.  So i went to thrift stores out on
franklyn and to a gun store.  Got bill and alf puzzle.  Got me a Video
tape cabinet.  Then i went to monkey wards and got lisa a furby.  There
was a crazy kid there and a couple fat old ladys going nutso over the
furby shippment that just had arrived.  I guess the black and white furby
is rare because they bought them all.  I got lisa a black furby because it
reminded me of sluggo the cat.  then i went home and gave her the furby
and then we went back out to monkey wards and she bought her dad a furby
(he asked for one).  When we got home around 4:30, there was a message
saying to go to the legion and meet dave, bill and jeph. so we went and
then went to the rubicon where bill compoained about the beer jeph bought.
it was tim whites bday.  We were supppsed to go to inforno but dave and
jeph we talking to people about cars so lisa and i and bill went to the
distillery to get free food.  when we got there all the food was gone.  So
we went to the legion to drink and wait for dave and jeph.  Then they came
and we went to inferno for pizza.  The pizza took a while and then the
calzones that lisa and i ordered took forever.  Dave smith got all pissy
and started complaining and saying he was going to call the manager.  The
girl there didnt seem to care.  We were being obnoxious all evening and
bill was throwing M&Ms around and drinking grey beer.  So eventually we
end up at lisa and my place and bill gets two 12 packs and we play video
games (mainly turok).  No one really drinks hardly any beer and bill falls
asleep on the couch.  And then they leave.

Day 2, saturday: I think i played videogames in the morning.  Oh lis and i
cleaned the apartment.  I got all light headed and then a head ache from
mildew remover.  That stuff is amazing, i cant figure out where the black
mildew goes.  It dissappears.  The steve mar and dave come over and we all
go to a couple gun stores.  Steve puts money down on a DSA FAL upper
receiver (which is like 460 bucks).  We bug the guys at River City Gun
Exchange and play with different rifles.  They are super nice for gun
store guys.  They dont hassle you whne you want to see the guns, and they
let you play with more than one so you can compare them.  its always
really busy there too.  I found the AK clone thati'm going to get.  Its a
MAK90 norinco sporter.  It has the butthole stock, but they all have that.
Its like 425 bucks which isnt too bad.  To get one mail order it would end
up costing me like 400 -425 bucks.  I'll pay the extra to support the
river city guys because they're nice.  Lets see, then dave and steve went
to sanfrancisco.  Lisa and i watched rebel without a cause on videodisc.

day 3, sunday:  Valentines day.  Got lunch at taco bell.  Ate stew for
diner.  Watched spice world (bad movie) and breakdown (evil trucker movie)
and watched simpsons and xfiles

day 4, yesterday:  I went and got my anti-teeth-grinding-mouth piece from
the dentist.  I went the thrift store in del paso to look for videodiscs
that might be on sell (were none).  Got a shirt.  Played the wrestling
video game til lisa got home.  We then went out to michaels craft store so
lisa could get yarn.  I got a red t shirt because the only other red t
shirt i have is a popular mechinics shirt that says "ask me anything" on
the front and people always bug me about it.  We then ate at carls jr and
that was good.  We then rushed to make the 3:25 showing of "life is
beautiful' at the tower theater.  Gorman gave us free popcorn and soda and
said he could have gotten us in free, but we had already paided.  The
movie was really good.  All in italian with subtitles.  I wouldnt be
dissapointed if it (or private ryan) got best picture.  It was about a
father and son in a concentration camp during WWII.  The father tells the
son that the camp is a game.  Thats all i'll say about the plot.  Its sad
and funny.  A must-see.  Then we went home.  I won the legend of zelda
game for N64 (the best game ever).  We watched a very annoying 7nth
heaven.  It had babies cry through the whole show and it buygged me.

at like 4:15AM i got woken from a deep sleep by what i thought was a lady
screaming.  Then i thought it might be a canada goose in pain.  Turned out
to just be a female feline in heat in the backyard.  Scarced the bee-jesus
out of me.  I went pee and was afraid it was going to hear me peeing and
come to the window and make the weird noise and startle me and i would pee
on the floor/or myself.