SO im writing this on thurday because i will not be at work tomorrow.  One
of the best things about working for the state is that you get like 10-12
paid holidays each year.  There are holidays like columbus day and two
days off this weekend for presidents' days.  I think state workers should
get every presidents birth day ever off.  That way almost ever week would
be a 4 day week.  A stateworker gets like 10-12 holidays, atleast 12
vacation days (one a month) and atleast 12 sick days (one a month) and 
one 'personal leave day' paid each year.  Thats like only having to work
11 months out of the year.  Man, i wish i could get hired on here

The job is good because i can walk to work.  Its like 10 blocks which
takes like 15 to 20 minutes.  When i cross the streets there are always
the cars that are trying to turn left or right across the crosswalk.  I
always speed upo a little and then slow down when i get infront of them.
That way they have to wait longer to turn and they get all antsy.  I do
this because i know they're making fun of me so this is how i get them
back.  take that Car-o!

I should make this entry short and sweet, since my boss is at dentist and
will be back any minute.  Today has been good so far.  Two of my maps have
worked out (after giving me problems the last few days) and i have friend
chicken for lunch.  YUM yum YuM yUm.  So i heard something about dave
smith dressing up as a gay teletubbie?  Whats going on here?

I think its going to rain today...

I htink they said its supposed to start raining friday night.  This sucks
because its may knock out the idea of shooting this wekeend.  I was
thinking it would be cool to get a bunch of red/pink paper hearts (or real
pigs hearts) and tack them onto three foot laths (like survyer stacks) and
go out to the gun range and hand them out to the people ther on valentimes
day.  i also think it would be cool to get some of that red punch drink
that they sell at the supermarkets and take it up to the snow and build a
snow man around it, so when it got shoot it would bleed. and then you
cuold drink its bloody snow and it would taste like a slushie.  Some
where there is a picture of joel (joel danger of 4 eyes fame) with his
pants down doing a snowman.  its pretty funny, like something that you'd
find on a webpage about sexy snowmen.