Hey, monkey boy...

So i got the new castlevania game for nintendo 64.  Its pretty cool so
far.  you have to kill enless skeletons.  the holy water molitav-cocktail
is pretty neat.  It sure burns up the bad guys.  and there is a big ape
skeleton and a real ape monster that grabs your foot and slamms your face
into the ground.  You get to eat roast chicken and roast beef. It has that
zelda64/tomb raider view where the camera follows around the character.
Its the first 3d castlevania, all the previous ones (even the playstation
one that came out recently) have been 2d platform games.  I have to start
playing zelda64 more so i can win it but now i'll be distracted by this
new game.  Man what delemmas there are in this life.

So i reccond that i'll buy another Thuston Clarke book after i finish
reading his book on his california travels along the san andreas fault
zone.  I bought it because it was only 99 cents at tower outlet and was
about the fault so i figured i could read it at work with out hassle (and
i was right).  I guess i'll either try to find his book about traveling
around the equator (he goes to a leper colony and a atom bomb test site
(bikini is?)) or his pearl harbor book.  He funny because he calls fat
kids, fattys.  He doesnt seem too hippie either.

So i must admit that i watch the show Felicity.  ive seem ever episode (i
think).  Its pretty entertaining.  Last night a guy who was 'stalking' the
main character (who name i cant remember) was walking away after she
yelled at him and got cremed by a bus.  Pretty unpredictable.

I was thinking of trying to find a good 2d animation program for the mac.
I made a one minute long animation for a Mote video on Mario Paint for the
super nintendo.  that animation took me all day.  Id like to find a good
one that could run on a 68030 computer so i could use it on my laptop.  I
know i probably wouldnt ever do anything with it, buti have some ideas,
like this one:

A story about god who gets tricked into being motal and becomes a fat
army/marine guy that people yell at.  I guess it kind of like Gomer Pyle
except with god playing jim nabors part.  maybe its not that good of an

man, all the good ideas that i can think of have already been used.  It
must have been easy to make shows in the 60/70s.  THings like 'my mother
the car' were original.  Shows like Kung Fu where carridine (too bad it
wasnt robert carridine from Nerds fame) walks around, hicks call him
chineman, try to fight him and loose.  I guess it would have been better
if bruce lee could actually have played the part he created.

by the way, who reads this page? i know of like five people who sometimes
read it:  lisa, dave smith, ed hunter, steve, carrie.  Does anyone else
read this?
It doesnt really matter to me, i was just wondering.