SO this is how the story goes...

I head about a stash of videodiscs at a thrift store in del paso from
scott miller (aka millie).  He said they had star trek, old horrow movies
(like texass chainsaw massacre) and more for like 4.95.  So yesterday i
went to the store after work with dave smith.  They had some good discs
most were over priced, but i bought them anyways because they looked to be
in good shape and were uncommon titles.  SO here what i got: 
Deer Hunter (is was 2.50, i dont even like this movie, but it was cheap)
Raging Bull (2.50)
Star trek - trouble with tribbles/tholian web (7.95)
Dracula (either 5 or 8 bucks, this one seems to be rare)
Frankenstien (5 bucks)
The exorcist (5 or 6 bucks)
Friday the 13th - still in wrapper (like 6 or 8 bucks)
rebel without a cause (i think 2.50)
monty python - life of brian (like 5 or 7 bucks)
and last but not least - taxas chainsaw massacre

well heres the annoying part-  as i was peeling off the price tags from
the videodiscs during a very painful '7nth heaven', i noticed that the
texass chainsaw massacre videodisc felt light.  So i opened it up to find
that there was no movie disc in it.  So i paid 5 bucks for a cover and i
dont get to see the movie.  So that was really annoying.

It was almost as annoying as writing yesterdays page and having is
dissappear.  Nothing seems to be working right at work this week.  Luckily
i have no work on friday.  And one of my bosses is going to be gone
tomorrow, so i wont really have to work much then.  Im feeling like im
kind of sick, though, i htink its just from not getting enough sleep.  I
felt really bad on the way to and from the capitol today.  It sucks
because it was raining this morning so i had to wear uncomfortable shoes
to walk to work because my comfortable shoes have holes in the bottom.
Anywho, now my feet hurt and i still have to walk home, unless i call and
can get someone (lisa) to pick me up from work.  I made a band aid for my
ankle out of a papertowel and invisible tape. but its doesnt work that

I just got to keep think -its almost thursday.  A four day weekend sounds
so good.  I know something that i can write.  I wrote this yesterday but
no one could read it:

Lisa and i got an elvis statue thats about a foot tall and filled with
bourbon (still in its box).  Its elvis frim the later years in the white
jump suit.  His head pops off as the cork.  I think the base might also be
a mucis box (or else they planned to do this for the next statue).  We
also got a younger elvis shot glass.  Pretty funny, eh?

the end