Marti Gras is for hippies

I'm sure glad its friday, im tired of working every day.  I want a fun
job, like a video game tester, that would be cool.  Or else a job where i
only had to be there half the time.  Like a telecomute job would be cool.
It would be like when homer simpson got really fat and got to work at
home.  I have two drinking birds so i could get twice as much done and see
'honk if you're horny'(with pauly shore and faye dunnaway) twice as much.

Lisa and i watched 'life less ordinary' last night (taped from free HBO).
It was pretty dumb and artsy.  Had a claymation thing at the end too.  I
need to get motivated, ive been too bored lately.  I need to get back into
shooting or video games.  All ive done lately is watch tv and p[lay on
this new email account.  I feel like i need to buy somehting.  Like a AK
or something.  The thing is that i need to save my money, and saving money
is boring.  I even  was thinking about what comics i could try and sell
this morning.

I htink i really just need some good quality nintendo time.
Maybe i'll write more on here later.  I just have to pee right now and i
dont want my boss to see this.


ok my boss went to lunch.  I htought he was at lunch but he wasnt.  SO
there is a show on sunday (i think) with the Bananas and Operation Cliff
Clavin.  Operation CC have played sacto twice I htink.  And i have missed
them both times due to geology trips.  So i'll probably miss them on
sunday because we probably wont get back from brisbane in time.  Oh well,
it doesnt really matter that much anyways.

The nice thing about fridays is that i get to leave a little early.  I
have the duty of changing the seismograph at the capitol so i can leave at
4:30 on firdays.  Its great because the seismograph only takes a few
minutes and i get home by 5.  So i can still go to a gun store or
something beore 6.  I hate how stores only seem to be open when im
working.  And on saturdays they're all crowded and on sundays they're
closed.  Its a really pain.  Mail order is nice, but it takes too long.  I
loose interest in the think i bought by the time it gets delivered.  I'm
still waiting on two sets of m16 handguards.  Last year i was always
buying crap on ebay.  I kept buying video discs and revenge of the nerds
stuff.  Now too many people have go on there and you can get anything for
really cheap anymore.  Also you cant sell anything for a lot because there
are always other poeple selling t he same thing.

the end